Pixie Mood Backpack Review! Vegan Backpack and Shoulder Bag.

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I think you know by now that I am a bag lady and since going cruelty-free I am now a vegan bag lady! However, my collection has been missing a beautiful yet functional vegan backpack and recently I was kindly gifted one by Pixie Mood.

Pixie Mood Backpack Review

The vegan backpack I was gifted is the Kim Backpack in the colour sage. Before I get into the review of this bag and whether I would recommend buying it or not, let’s talk a little about the Pixie Mood Brand…

Founded in 2010 they believe that style doesn’t need to be compromised. It can be trendy, functional and socially responsible all at the same time. They also ensure the safety of their workers by making sure there is no forced or child labour and provide health and safety, fair wages and benefits. (Read More Here)

Pixie Mood Backpack Review

Now onto what you are here for the review…

Straight away, I liked how this bag was delivered. It is was wrapped in biodegradable packaging, so you don’t have to worry about it going into a landfill and harming the environment.

biodegradable packaging

Now let’s talk about the price, the Pixie Mood Kim Backpack costs £68 but, at the moment (as of the 6th July) it is on sale for £57.67 which is not a bad price for a good quality vegan bag. I have definitely paid more in the past for vegan bags and have to say this Pixie Mood Backpack is certainly high quality. I know in the end only time will tell but still, from the look of this bag though they very much care about making their products last.

recycled bottle lining

The bag is made from PU leather rather than PVC, which is more environmentally friendly and more durable, which is what you want in a backpack. The main thing I love about how this bag is made is the recycled bottle lining which is a good use of something that is otherwise likely to end up in the ocean, plus it looks great! I know it is only on the inside of the bag, but I’m happy it helps the environment and still looks so nice.

Pixie Mood Kim Backpack

Next, let’s talk about the style of the bag, I love the way this vegan backpack looks. It has an unusual shape that is very chic and stylish, plus it goes with multiple items in my wardrobe. There is nothing better than a bag that is versatile and, more importantly, functional.

Vegan Backpack

This backpack is very secure with a flap to cover the zip that opens the bag so it will keep your items safe while also being aesthetically pleasing. It has a top handle that is very convenient and inside the backpack is a large compartment. Sadly it doesn’t quite fit my laptop but it still provides a fair amount of space. Plus, if you need extra room, it can expand a little more using the poppers on the sides. You have a zip compartment on the inside for valuables that spans half of the bag so you can fit a lot in there too. If that wasn’t enough, inside the backpack, you also have a phone pocket and another open pocket for smaller items that you don’t want to get lost in the bottom of your bag. Last but not least, it also has a zip pocket on the outside. Again this spans over half of the bag and is hidden by your back so its an excellent place to store valuables.

vegan bag

The hardware of the Pixie Mood Backpack is metal. Very clean and simple and less likely to age poorly, unlike gold or other colour hardware that doesn’t always hold up well. I also like the simple touch of the logo on the metal zips.

Pixie Mood

The primary logo on this bag is in small silver letters saying Pixie Mood, so it’s not too in your face or over the top, but you can still tell where the bag comes from.

Pixie Mood

Not only is this bag sleek and stylish, its also pretty comfortable to wear. Let’s be honest, we usually sacrifice comfort for style, but with this vegan backpack, you really don’t have to!

To be completely transparent, I haven’t taken it out a lot because of the pandemic but when I have its been perfectly comfortable, and it didn’t make my backache, which happens with some backpacks.

vegan backpack review

You can buy this bag in nine colours, but only four have the recycled bottle lining, which is a shame.

I picked the colour Sage, which is an olive green colour. It was a bit of a gamble for me as I wasn’t 100% sure the colour was my style. Still, I definitely made the right decision. I really like this colour, and it goes with most of my clothes, giving it an extra splash of (usually needed) colour as I’m a big fan of wearing black or white.

vegan backpack review

Another reason to love this Pixie Mood backpack is the fact it can be a backpack or a shoulder bag. To change it from one to the other isn’t too fiddly either, just pull the top handle and you have yourself a shoulder bag.

So with this product, you actually get two vegan bags instead of one. As you can probably tell I do really love this bag, the only thing that I would change is the fact that it doesn’t come with a dust bag to store this vegan backpack when it’s not in use.

vegan bag review

Other than that, I would highly recommend picking up this Pixie Mood Kim Backpack. I think I will be getting a LOT of wear out of it, and It is a perfect addition to my vegan bag collection. Thanks for reading Xxx

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Pixie Mood Kim Backpack

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