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Vegan Wash Bag One Nine 5 First Impressions

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I’m always looking for beautiful products that are vegan and eco friendly but still look stylish and chic. At the start of my cruelty-free journey, I was terrified of giving up my leather bags. I didn’t know any good brands that sold good quality vegan bags that actually looked good! Now my closet is full of beautiful vegan bags so I don’t even miss leather. This being said, I was on the hunt for a good quality ethical, vegan wash bag.

Something that functions really well as a travel wash bag but isn’t an eyesore. This is when I came across One Nine 5 on Amazon.

One Nine 5 Vegan Wash Bag

Now, this bag is expensive at £49 but I was given a £15 Amazon gift card, so I took it as a sign to take the plunge and buy this product but is it worth the hefty price tag?

First of all, I love this vegan wash bags design, you can buy this in three colours Komodo Pink, Moeraki Grey and Havelock Blue. For me, it was a toss-up between the pink and grey. Both are beautiful colours but I finally decided on the Komodo Pink and it definitely ticks the chic and stylish boxes.

Vegan Wash Bag One Nine 5

As soon as I got the bag through the post I knew I made the right choice in purchasing this product. This vegan wash bag is understated and not too in your face, but the matte pink colour and the fun logo really makes the bag not look too dull.

I could tell straight away that this bag is good quality and would be durable which is very important for a travel wash bag. It’s constructed with water-resistant zippers and vegan PU leather, this is a must-have when you need to throw it into your suitcase. Its lining is 100% recycled plastic, which is waterproof, in case of any spillages or if you need to wipe down any stains. (Eco Efforts)

One Nine 5 Vegan Wash Bag

The main thing that sold me on this product was the seven cleverly designed compartments, the most important one being the clear liquid bag. This part is detachable with strong magnets and is designed to TSA standards so you don’t have to worry about whether it’s too big or not, just simply detach at the security check then reattach when you’re through. This means its hassle-free which is fantastic as I always get flustered at airports.

One Nine 5 Vegan Wash Bag

I don’t know about you but this is revolutionary. Did you know that 44.4m single-use clear plastic bags are given away at UK airports every year? That’s a lot of waste that is probably going to end up in a landfill or the ocean. I am always buying cheap see-through bags for plane journeys that I can never find for my next holiday so I have to buy a new one each time. Having this simple but effective clear bag saves me all that hassle and helps me to not contribute to the plastic problem every time I travel.

This vegan wash bag, as I said, has seven compartments including a large mesh space for all the essentials, a toothbrush holder (which could be used for makeup brushes), a hidden waterproof pocket for valuables and an external pocket with a concealed hanging hook.

One Nine 5 Vegan Wash Bag

The hanging hook is another must-have for a trip. You wouldn’t know how useful this little hook is until you have to hang your bag up out of the way. All of the compartments mean that you can organise your stuff so you know exactly where everything is.

You would be surprised how much you can store in this bag. From first glance, it looks like a decent size but I swear it like a Tardis! Especially the mesh zip compartment as it spans the entire half of the wash bag.

Due to the current circumstances, I have been unable to take this bag travelling, so I will do an update on that in the future. Still, in the meantime, this bag is far too pretty to just gather dust, so I made this vegan wash bag my permanent makeup bag.

One Nine 5 Review

Overall I am very impressed with this bag and its quality. I see this being an amazing travel wash bag and I’m loving it as a makeup bag as it fits all my products. I also think it would make a good gym toiletries bag that can be hung in the shower with that handy hook and the fact it’s water-resistant.

Additionally, I love how eco-conscious this brand is. As only 20% of plastic is recycled globally they decided to set up a system. Instead of you just throwing away your vegan wash bag you can mail it to them once it been well used and they will recycle it. You can also buy the clear liquid toiletry bag separately for £8.50 if that’s all that needs to be replaced.
As well as that they give you a 15% discount code to use on their website. (Recycling Scheme)

At the moment I think it’s important to support brands with ethics that align with yours and I really love this brand and product, I bought my vegan wash bag from Amazon so you can easily pick this up yourself. (About The Brand)

This is only a short first impression/review to tell you if I regret buying this product or not but I definitely don’t. Even though I know it is an expensive product, if you travel a lot or want to use this as a makeup bag I definitely think it’s worth the price. Plus I am sure this vegan wash bag will last me a long time. Thanks for reading Xxx

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