Quarantine Skincare Routine… Self Care For Quarantine

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These are crazy times we’re living in. Trying to stay grounded and not lose yourself to worry is hard, things that I did daily just suddenly weren’t important anymore. One of these things was my skincare routine, I know its such a small thing compared to what is going on right now but for me doing skincare was part of my daily life. Suddenly, for weeks, I wasn’t doing it anymore. So I decided to treat my skincare routine as my self-care for quarantine. To destress myself. So I thought I would share my cruelty-free quarantine skincare routine.
As I said, skincare was the farthest thing from my mind in this lockdown but I realised it was an excellent way to relax and do some self-care.

Quarantine Skincare Routine... Self Care For Quarantine

So most people have a lot more time on their hands at the moment and everyone needs a little pampering to relax with the current circumstances. This might be a little longer than your regular routine so you should treat it as a little spa treatment at home.
 First I use my Green People Cleanser & Makeup Remover(£20) and double cleanse to make sure everything is off my face. I like this cleanser because it’s natural, made from organic ingredients and leaves my skin soft but still clean and not stripped of my natural oils.

Green People Cleanser

During my second cleanse, I also use my Foreo Luna Go (£85) to deeply cleanse my skin and give it a gentle exfoliation. Make sure you don’t rub too hard.

quarantine skincare, Foreo Luna Go

Next on my quarantine skincare routine is Toner, I have been using the Lush Eau Roma Toner Water.  Which I would recommend as it’s a very light and refreshing toner that doesn’t strip or dry out the skin however I have recently run out of this product.  I am now using the Vitamin Toner from Tropic Skincare(£14). I have not tried it out long enough to recommend it to you yet, though I am enjoying it so far.

Tropic Skincare Toner

Now your skin is prepped you can decide what it needs that specific day. If I’m having a more relaxing, unwinding self-care for quarantine day I like to use a mask. The one I’m trying out at the moment is the Kora Organics Noni Glow Mask (£43) and when this mask says glow it means GLOW.
You can use this mask as a treatment for 15 minutes or as an overnight mask.  I recommend using it overnight to really let it sink into your skin and do its magic. And when I say magic, I mean make your skin radiant because this organic mask really does give your skin a glow, I will be doing a full review of this product soon.

quarantine skincare, Kora Organics Sleeping Mask

While I have this mask on I like to use my jade roller(£26), this hasn’t been used that much since I bought it. I can’t conclusively confirm if it makes a big difference yet but what I can say with total conviction is that it is relaxing! Rolling this jade roller from Herbivore around your face is a lovely massage. Plus the stone is cool, so it feels very refreshing and relaxing. Also, it helps with lymphatic drainage and the cooling sensation helps to calm the skin and depuff.

quarantine skincare jade roller

Now that is one of my quarantine skincare routines but my skin has different needs on different days and I have been using other products if I feel like I need it.
After cleansing, toning and lightly using the jade roller, If my skin is having bad breakouts, I like to layer two serums. The first Tropic Skincare Pure Lagoon Blemish Serum (£41) which is a staple in my everyday skincare routine. I have raved about this product before, it helps with my blemishes, especially the redness and I find it softens my skin.

Tropic skincare pure lagoon blemish serum

On top of this, I use the Super Green Serum (£41) for an extra boost for my skin. This product helps my skin get even softer and gives it a little more hydration.

Tropic Skincare Super Green Serum

Remember that everyone’s skin is different, so what works for me in my quarantine skincare routine might not work for you. To truly make it a self-care for quarantine routine you could light some candles and read a good book or turn on your fairy lights and watch your favourite movie. Anything that really makes you happy and keeps you relaxed.
I hope you found my quarantine skincare routine helpful. If you have any recommendations of cruelty-free and natural masks that work for you, please tell me in the comments or DM me on Instagram. Thanks for reading Xxx

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