Vegan High Fashion Brands Wish List!

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Its been a while since I have made a Vegan High Fashion Brands Wish List and I have pretty much bought most things off my last one I did several years ago. But these are strange times we are living in now, and I am one of those people that when they’re sad my first reaction is to buy stuff… Stuff I want not that I specifically need.

But instead of going to braking my bank account all at once, I thought I would make a wish list then steadily make my way through all the amazing vegan luxury brands.

I think it’s important at the moment that if you are in the position to be able to buy things during this time. To try to support your ethical vegan brands, and brands you believe in as much as possible. That being said, these are expensive products and if you don’t have the financial means just file them away in your mind to when you can treat yourself.

Vegan High Fashion Brands Wish List
Kinds Of Grace

First, on my vegan high fashion brands wish list? Is the company Kinds Of Grace more specifically, the Bravia Onyx Handbag in black, but why should you buy this brand?

Kinds Of Grace is a vegan, and sustainable PETA approved company that give 20% of all profits to charity, the bags are handcrafted in a small studio close to thair founder Grace’s family in Guangzhou. They make sure all their bags are fairly crafted and look after their workers.

They never use PVC as its more environmentally impactful than the material they use, mainly PU as it has less than half the environmental footprint of animal leather. They are also launching an eco-material called Piñatex soon.

This material is made from pineapple leaf fibre which is coated with a resin derived from renewable biomass made from sugarcane, corn and other vegetation.

Now onto the actual bag. I loved the Bravia Onyx Handbag (£133). As soon as I saw it, and was itching to add to cart as I don’t have a vegan crocodile inspired leather handbag in my collection.

This is a medium-sized bag that comes with a detachable adjustable strap, with gold hardware. Plus it comes with a little cosmetic bag and also a dust bag which is my pet peeve when a luxury vegan fashion brand doesn’t have a dust bag with their products.

I do think this bag will make its way into my vegan bag collection and I have been given a 20% Off code LITTLELIFESTYLE by the company if you would like to treat yourself to one of their bags.

Kinds Of Grace, Bravia Onyx Handbag

Next thing on my wish list is a vegan leather jacket from Dauntless. I have been looking for a good quality vegan leather jacket for ages that I could get my hands on in England. And I think I have found a perfect one, on the store Immaculate Vegan from Dauntless.

Dauntless Is a cruelty-free vegan fashion brand with a mission to bring socially conscious fashion with a responsible modern supply chain. They make everything in-house in their main offices in Bogota, Colombia, to control fair trade standards and just working conditions.

They strive to create high-end designs with top quality materials and a well-tailored fit so that you get a high-quality piece.

I can’t tell you how hard it is to find a GOOD QUALITY vegan leather jacket that will actually last you a long time and look stylish. But I think Dauntless is that jacket I have been eyeing the Paige Vegan Leather Classic Biker Jacket but its not cheap at £209. Still, I am seriously considering buying this product.

Dauntless, Immaculate Vegan, Vegan High Fashion Brands

Also on my vegan high fashion brands wish list are these beautiful vegan pointed flat shoes from Veerah. This brand is Peta Approved and responsibly made. Their products are made in Guangdong, They make sure manufacturers and suppliers comply with all of the national and local labour laws, And environmental regulations to ensure that all of their workers are paid above a living wage.

Plus they are donating 10% of all their profits to No Kid Hungary this month, to support vulnerable children in The United States who are losing the school meals they depend on every day.

They use 100% cruelty-free materials that include Apple Leather, Renewed Plastic Textiles and Algae, which they use in the soles of their shoes. Overall this a very sustainable brand.

And the shoes are my type of shoes as I love pointed toe footwear, so I was also tempted by their heels, but in the end, I think in the future I will buy these beautiful VICKY pointed toe red flats ( £187) as they will go with a lot of my outfits.
I also have a 10% Off code THELITTLELIFESTYLEBLOG if you’re interested in buying their products.

Veerah, VICKY, Vegan High Fashion Brands

Last but not least, on my vegan high fashion brands wish list is The Rhian Mini Tote from Samara. This is a vegan brand that believes there’s elegance in simplicity, use eco-friendly and animal-free materials like PU.

They also use Apple Leather and work with a small factory in Europe that creates apple leather. They make this out of the apple skins that are a waste by-product of the juicing industry, which is fantastic.

They also give a percentage of their profits towards supporting The Soular Backpack. Which employs women in Kenya and have so far provided over 8,000 students with a light to do their homework.

Also during COVID 19, for every $1 you spent on their products they will provide a meal to someone in Kilifi, Kenya.

This brand caught my eye on Instagram, and I instantly fell in love with their Rhian Mini Tote (£102) in the colour Almond this bag would be perfect for when I need to take my laptop places and need a stylish vegan bag to go with my outfits.

Samara, The Rhian Mini Tote, Vegan High Fashion Brands

These are all beautiful products, but they are all from luxury vegan high fashion brands. I don’t have the money to spend buying all of these products at the moment. Still, as with my last wish list, I’m sure I will slowly make my way threw all these stunning products, and will do a full review on each to tell you if it’s worth buying.

I also haven’t bought from any of these brands before, but I love that there all luxury vegan fashion brands and cant wait to add them to my collection. Thanks for reading and stay safe Xxx

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Kinds Of Grace, Bravia Onyx Handbag

Veerah, VICKY Pointed Shoes

Dauntless, Paige Vegan Leather Classic Biker Jacket

Samara, Rhian Mini Tote

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