Matt and Nat Purse 2 Year Update!

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I have now had this Matt and Nat Purse for about 2 years and I like to do updates on products that are on the expensive side so I can tell you if it is really worth the money in the long run!

I believe this purse was my first expensive purchase transitioning into cruelty-free vegan fashion, before this I was buying a lot of my bags and purses from Radley which I always found was good quality so the bar was set very high.

Matt and Nat Purse 2 Year Update!

But I was pleasantly surprised by my first vegan purchase to read more about my first impressions and review see here! But let’s see if it stands up to the test of time…

So I paid £40 for this Matt and Nat Watson purse it is still on their website but now for £52 and not in the same colour so you can still get your hands on this product.

The Matt and Nat purse is made from 100% Vegan materials and the lining on the inside is made from recycled plastic bottles which is amazing and I bought the colour feather which is a very neutral colour that goes with every bag I have.

Now how does it look 2 years later…

Exactly the same! I am amazed by how this Matt and Nat purse has aged or the fact that it hasn’t, except that it bulges a little where I keep my coins there is nothing different about it.

Matt and Nat Purse

There is no discolouration or marks on the outside, the zip still works perfectly though the metal is a little tarnished but hardly noticeable and it still fits everything I need in it without the purse being too big.

Remember I use this purse almost every day, it’s been dropped and I never was consciously looking after it like my bags ( my bags never touch the floor, I’m very protective of them) with this wallet I’ve dropped it multiple times on the street when trying to pull out my cards or find change but there isn’t a blemish on the outside.

The inside is the same with 6 card slots, 1 note compartment, slit pocket, zippered coin pocket, except I have a small pen dot that is hardly noticeable but I guess it is still a mark, the zip for my coins is still good and everything works perfectly.Matt and Nat

Basically, this Matt and Nat purse really has lasted incredibly well and I think it will last me at least another two years probably a lot longer and it is still the perfect purse for my lifestyle and what I need it for.

If you are looking for a cruelty-free vegan purse then definitely look at Matt and Nat and this purse in particular! Thanks for reading and stay safe Xxx

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