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Biomel Probiotic Drink Review

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I Have had a lot of gut issues lately and when I noticed a vegan probiotic drink on the shelf of Waitrose I had to give it a try! So this is my Biomel Probiotic Drink Review.

So let’s chat about what Biomel actually is? First and most importantly this Probiotic Drink is Vegan which is hard to find on your supermarket shelf, it is also free from gluten, soy, dairy, BPA and GMO plus added calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin D and of course billions of live active cultures, that should help your gut.

Biomel Probiotic Drink Review

You can buy the Biomel drink shot from Waitrose for £1.20 each as I did but also from Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Selfridges, Harrods, Crussh and you can also buy them in bulk on their website.

After buying some bottles of the Biomel Natural Coconut shots I decided I really wanted to have them more regularly and maybe try them every day for two weeks to see if it helps my gut, but it’s hard to get hold of a batch in Waitrose with the dates lasting for 14 days so I looked on their website

In my local Waitrose, I can only buy shots of the Natural Coconut and Dark Chocolate but after looking at their website I realised that they had lots of flavours… Natural Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Pure Vanilla, Natural Almond and Almond Salted Caramel and you can also buy them in two sizes, a shot or a bigger bottle that contain around four shots in each bottle.

Biomel Drinks

The shots on there website are more expensive at £1.50 each and the bigger bottles that are good for families as they have to be consumed within two days of opening are £3.60 each, but what is so amazing about their website is that you can buy them in bulk and get them delivered to your door (In The UK) which is amazing for the current times.


I decided to buy the Natural Coconut Biomel Probiotic Drink as I know I like the taste and get the pack of 14 for £21 but that doesn’t include the posting and packaging, to post it to my house all together it costs £24.45 which is expensive but I honestly find it very convenient and all the bottles have an 18 day+ shelf life which is really hard to get in the supermarkets and like I said it is delivered chilled straight to your door. You can also get a subscription to Biomel and get it delivered every week ( or every other week ) and save 5%.

Because of the live probiotics in the shots, the Biomel Probiotic Drinks need to stay chilled at all times so when I received my package it came well wrapped in brown paper and chill packs to keep the Biomel shots cool.

Biomel Probiotic Drink Review

Now in this Biomel Probiotic Drink Review, I haven’t yet talked about one of the most important things? Does it actually work and taste good? Well, in my opinion, I like the Natural Coconut taste it isn’t too strong and is a very pleasant light coconut flavour. And if you are wondering if it works and actually helps your gut, I am not a doctor so take what I say with a grain of salt but I do think it helps my gut in the long run especially as I have had a lot of problems, I have noticed a difference in how many stomach aces I get.

I like this Biomel Probiotic Drink and the online service so much that I have repurchased the Natural Coconut Biomel Probiotic Drinks again also I was contacted by the brand and was kindly gifted some more shots in the flavours Pure Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and my usual Natural Coconut.

Biomel Reviews

As I said I love the taste of the natural coconut and I enjoy having that on a daily basis, the chocolate one is nice and if you like dark chocolate you will love the taste just not really for me, and the pure vanilla wasn’t to my taste buds either but if you like strong vanilla milkshakes you should try this flavour as I think you would like it, I still want to get my hands on the Almond Salted Caramel as I think I will like that taste of that one.

Biomel Probiotic Drink Review

Overall if you are looking for a Vegan Probiotic drink that is easy to just grab from a supermarket then you need to give this a go, after trying Biomel Probiotic Drink and liking the taste I would definitely start buying it in batches on the website if you want to incorporate it in your daily life or just buy 2 week supply to see if it helps your gut. or just try one at one of the supermarkets I mentioned, I hope you enjoyed my Biomel Probiotic Drink Review and I would recommend giving this a try. Thanks for reading and stay safe Xxx

( I Was GIFTED Some Product But All Opinions Are My Own And Please Keep In Mind That I Am Not A Doctor Or Health Professional)

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