Love & Love Vegan Bags First Impressions!

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I have been kindly gifted three vegan bags from love & love so I thought I would do a love & love vegan bags first Impressions.

Love & Love Vegan Bags First Impressions!

Now let’s talk about the brand, Love & Love is a UK brand that was born in 2019 and their mission is to produce vegan bags and accessories that prioritise fairness, sustainability, ethical working practices and cruelty-free production methods these are qualities I like in the fashion brands I buy from, learn more about the brand here.

Love & Love Bags First Impressions

All their products are vegan and cruelty-free made from vegan leather (PU) and other eco-friendly materials, the lining of there bags are made from recycled polyester and water-based glues that are non-toxic plus they come in eco-friendly packaging, that avoid all dyes and other materials containing animal products.

Vegan Bag Packaging

So let’s talk about my love & love vegan bags first Impression! The first thing I noticed was that the packaging was very eco friendly and the plastic wrapping was 100% biodegradable which I was very impressed by. Also, they came in dust bags made from 100% hemp which made me happy as I have received vegan handbags with no dust bag or it inside the bag instead of covering it and no protection so I was worried they would be damaged in the post but this brands packaging is perfect not too wasteful but enough to protect the product.

Sunflower Belt vegan bag

As I said I was gifted three vegan bags the first of which is the Sunflower Belt bag in the colour black. You can choose between two colours black or yellow, though I think the yellow colour is fun, for me personally the black goes with my outfits more and I will get more use out of it.

The Sunflower Belt Bag costs £69.90 and is small and compact with one big compartment that I can fit my Samsung galaxy phone in and it also has a small zip pocket, the hardware is gold and the bag is secured by a flip opening that is fastened by a Tab-Lock.

Love & Love Sunflower Belt vegan bag

The design is sleek and simple with small loges on the front and inside the bag in gold lettering, nothing is too in your face which I like, the belt is easy to use and comfortable and I think I will be getting a lot of use out of this bag on holiday or going to places where your busy and need your hands free and your valuables close.

Next is the Daisy crossbody bag in blue you can pick from two colours blue and caramel I decided on the blue as I was more drawn to the colour and need a more bright bag this vegan handbag costs £81 and is a medium size.

Daisy crossbody vegan bag

Its the perfect size for an everyday bag with one big compartment, a medium-sized pouch and a zip pocket. This is all secured with a zip in gold colour hardware, like the previous bag the logo is moderate with love & love in gold letters on the front and inside the bag.

Love & Love Daisy crossbody vegan bag

It also comes with an adjustable strap that is attached to the bag permanently, I think I will get a lot of daily wear out of this vegan bag in the summer as its the perfect colour and size for everyday life.

Last but not least on my love & love vegan bags first Impressions is the Tulip Tote, as like the other vegan handbags this comes in two colours caramel and black. I decided on caramel but was definitely on the fence as I liked the black one too.

Tulip Tote vegan bag

This tote costs £109.90 and is the biggest bag they sell, it has one big compartment that almost fits my 12.3-inch laptop in it and I think it would if I took it out of its protective case, a zip compartment and a pocket on the inside and on the back of the bag. Like the Daisy crossbody, it has a gold-tone zip to keep your vegan handbag secure but the best thing about this bag is the detachable straps.

vegan handbag

You get one long strap that is adjustable and you can make it the most comfortable length, you also have a smaller strap that fits under your arm and is in a jagged design, with these two straps it can really change the look of this bag.

vegan bag

This is my love & love vegan bags first Impressions and will be doing a full review on each bag in the future but my first impression of this brand is really positive and I hope to see them grow there collection, they also have 30% off for the whole month of April. Thanks for reading I hope everyone stays safe Xxx

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