Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Serum Empty Product Review

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When I decided to buy this Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Serum I was really hoping it would work as its not a cheap serum at £42 so if it didn’t work it would be a lot of money down the drain…

You can read my review on this Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Serum Here but spoiler alert I really love this product so I thought I would do another blog post as I have completely used up the serum so I thought I would tell you if I would pay £42 again for this 30 ml product and if it is worth the price tag.

I have used this product for roughly 8 months, using it most nights until i couldn’t get any more product out and believe me I used every last trace of this serum, so I think I can now say if it’s really worth buying.

This Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Serum claims to be blemish-fighting, soothing and balancing and is made out of very pure natural ingredients like blue spirulina, probiotics and hyaluronic acid.

After using this the first night one of the things I noticed was that my skin was a lot smoother and softer, I don’t ever expect immediate results in a product but this Serum actually did make a slight difference straight away.

Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Serum Review

In the next couple of weeks, I noticed that it did help prevent breakouts and heal the blemishes that I already have much quicker, also keeping my skin soft and smooth.

After using the product up completely I realised how much this really helps my skin keeping it fairly clear and glowing and about two weeks after I ran out of the serum, I noticed my skin going downhill fast! I noticed more blemishes and they took a lot longer to heal on my skin plus they were very red.

My skin was no longer smooth and glowing and didn’t look healthy at all I was surprised at how much this product made a difference, it seems subtle when using it but after not having this  Serum for 2-3 weeks my skin changed a lot.

Luckily I then realised I have a mini size Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Serum that I then used and took on holiday which definitely helped my skin.

Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Serum

I can’t wait to repurchase this serum! It is definitely pricey but I do think it’s worth the price and as soon as I can I will be buying this Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Serum again, have you tried this product? Tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading Xxx

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