Himalayan Salt Lamp, Do You Need One?

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I Have been using a Himalayan Salt Lamp for years and I finally thought I should do a little review and tell you whether or not you should bother buying it or give it a miss.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

First and foremost if you are just looking for a beautiful lamp this is really pretty and worked well in my previous purple room, then grey room and doesn’t clash with the colours which I was worried about so if you just want a beautiful lamp I would definitely give this a look.

The Himalayan Salt Lamps is meant to have some very positive health benefit like boosting your mood, improving air quality and helping you sleep. There is no scientific evidence of any of these things so I wouldn’t put to much weight behind them but would I still recommend it?

Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

Yes, because I have found that I have noticed some benefits like helping me sleep, the Himalayan Salt Lamp produces a warm light that helps me wind down and get ready for bed, we are so used to TV, Laptop and phone screens it messes with our ability to sleep and I have been guilty of watching YouTube videos before bed then be unable to sleep.

Turning on the Himalayan Salt Lamp and turning off all the others in the room before bed has helped me wind down and fall to sleep easier, but that is the only benefit I have noticed but I do think its a big one plus the light is just bright enough for me to read a book.

Natural Lamp Review

Overall I do really love this Himalayan Salt Lamp and will be repurchasing in the future if I need more lamps in my room, you can buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp for £15 on Amazon which I don’t think its a bad price as it has lasted me for about four years. Thanks for reading Xxx

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