Matt & Nat TATHA Satchel Vegan Bag First Impressions

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I love my Matt & Nat Tacoma Mini Vegan Bag ( Review Here) and have been using it constantly for about a year and it is still pristine so when I spotted the Matt & Nat TATHA satchel vegan bag, I instantly wanted it but waited until Christmas to give it as a present to myself.

After a month of using thig bag here are my thoughts…

Matt & Nat TATHA Satchel Vegan Bag

First of all, this is a cruelty-free, vegan bag which is really important to me as I no longer buy leather handbags this bag is made from PU Leather on the outside and the lining is made out of recycled nylon to read more in-depth about the materiel Here, you can also hear about the ethics of the company which I find very interesting and important in a brand(Here).

Now onto the actual bag, this Matt & Nat TATHA Satchel Vegan Bag is simply gorgeous it is in a rectangle structure with a useful top handles and an adjustable shoulder strap if you would like to wear it on the shoulder or crossbody but the most beautiful part of this bag is the rose gold hardware it’s just stunning and really catches your eye plus it doesn’t look cheap or like it will tarnish quickly which I was, to be honest, a little worried about. I’m also happy that there is no tackey big logo but a simple dainty Matt & Natt in rose gold letters.

Matt & Nat TATHA Satchel

With the strap that can simply be clipped on or off you can turn this bag into an evening or daytime look and I think it works really well just with the handles on the crook of your arm to give it a more sophisticated look or of course use it cross-body with a strap for a more secure day look.

Matt & Nat TATHA Satchel  Bag

Talking about secure this bag has a beautiful copper zip
and a very handy popper that keeps the top handles together so not only does it make the bag look even better it helps keep your bag more secure and gives you an extra layer of protection.

Matt & Nat TATHA Satchel Rose Gold

There are four different colours to chose from Chalet, Desert, Rosewood and Black rose gold, all these colours are beautiful and I was really tempted by the colour Rosewood but I felt that a simple black bag with a pop of rose gold hardware would go better with my outfits and style plus it would be good throughout the seasons and it’s always good to have a nice classic black bag.

Matt & Nat TATHA Vegan Bag

The inside of this Matt & Nat TATHA Satchel Vegan Bag is like a Tardis, I thought this bag would hold less than my Matt & Nat Tacoma Mini But actually it fits much more because of the rectangular shape also this vegan bag has a zip pocket and a phone poach which does fit my Samsung Galaxy S9, plus the recycled nylon lining is a neutral chocolate colour which I foresee will be good if anything spills in my bag

Matt & Nat Vegan Bag

Now onto the price…

This Matt & Nat TATHA satchel vegan bag is originally £105 but I bought it on sale at £78 but with shipping, it cost all together £83. though this is expensive I don’t mind paying it as this is a luxury vegan bag and the last Matt & Nat bag I bought has held up so well I’m confident this will be well used and you can now buy it 40% off at £63.

Luxury Vegan Bag

My only complaint about this Matt & Nat TATHA Satchel Vegan Bag is that it doesn’t come packaged in a box you do get a dust bag inside your bag when your purchase it but if you pay that much for a bag I want it to come secure in a box to make sure it won’t get damaged in the delivery so I hope they change that and keep that in mind if your purchasing from the Matt and Nat website.

Rose Gold Vegan Bag

Overall I am in love with this vegan bag and I will be wearing it a lot and hopefully, it will be as durable as my other Matt & Nat bag if you like a classic cruelty-free bag definitely buy this one as I’m even tempted to get it in another colour I like it so much but I think that might be a bit excessive. Thanks for reading Xxx

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Matt & Nat TATHA Vegan Bag

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