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Could Matcha Help Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgiafor about 10 years so I feel like I have tried hundreds of things that are supposed to help especially with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and nothing has really helped but a little green powder that I have been using consistently for two years, so I have wondered could matcha help chronic fatigue syndrome?

One of the hardest things I have dealt with daily is the tiredness I am usually really tired every day and with that, I have been given a lot of advice that was not asked for, like why don’t you drink coffee? Or energy drinks to help you stay awake?

Could Matcha Help Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Coffee? I do like a cup now and again but for me personally, the burst of energy that it gave me only lasts about 30 minutes and for me the crash is so bad that I’m practically sleeping after those 30 minutes so it is really not worth having a cup of coffee to keep me awake… I still have a cup now and again because I like coffee but if you see me sipping on a mug it most probably won’t have coffee in it.

Energy drinks? I don’t think I’ve ever had one and I don’t think it would be very beneficial to my health plus I can see myself getting addicted to it if I did find it worked to keep myself awake and end up having one every hour.

Now onto the secret weapon that helps me stay awake when I’m feeling very drained… Matcha, I have been drinking Matcha for about two years and I have found it very beneficial to my health and helps give me a little kick of energy when I really need it, to learn about Matcha more in-depth then read my Why You Need Matcha In Your Life blog post.

Matcha Latte

But the short answer is that it contains Caffeine which is equivalent to about half of a black cup of coffee so not a bad boost of energy but the difference is that Matcha also contains L-theanine that calms you down so you don’t get really jittery plus the crash of energy is a lot more subtle and slow so you don’t fall asleep after the spike is over.

There are also loads of other health benefits as this drink is full of antioxidants and if you drink green tea, one cup of Matcha is equivalent to about 10 cups of green tea so its a lot more beneficial to buy Matcha.

My favourite way to get Matcha in my system is to make a Matcha Latte with organic almond milk and I drink this every morning without fail to give me that kick to wake me up in the morning when my body just wants to go back to sleep, I then have a matcha when I really need it through the day but I make sure to have no more than three in a day as that would then become bad for you but in a day I usually have two to give me an energy boost.

This is why I wonder if matcha could help with chronic fatigue syndrome as when I really am not functioning a cup of this is a godsend, this is in no way a cure and sometimes I’m too tired for it to help that much but it is the only thing I have found that really helps me stay awake in the day and when I really need to focus on something.

Now Matcha can be expensive and I’m sorry to say and not all Matcha powder is created equal, I first started drinking the Pure Chimp Matcha powder which I really like but it is not organic which is what I like to look for with my Matcha brand but it is Ceremonial grade Matcha green tea from Japan which is important and you don’t want anything less than that as you won’t get the full health benefits and this product only costs £10 for 50g from Amazon which is a good price.

T2 Matcha Latte

The Matcha Brand I use is T2 Tea and this powder is organic but unfortunately has a bigger price tag at £20 for 30g but it is the best tasting Organic Matcha powder I have found and I have tried a lot of them plus you only need half a teaspoon full for one cup of Matcha… Full Review Here

I am no means a doctor or health perfectional so please get there opinion first also I have only myself to test this on so I’m sorry if other people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome don’t have the same effects but this green powder is the only thing that has truly helped me out on a daily basis plus you are getting a lot of other health benefits thrown in! So I hope you enjoyed this could Matcha help chronic fatigue syndrome blog post and if you have chronic fatigue syndrome and try Matcha please tell me in the comments if it worked for you or even if it didn’t I’m really interested to know. Thanks for reading Xxx

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