Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara Review!

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I had heard about the brand Ilia Beauty and have always wanted to get my hands on one of there products and as I just ran out of my Glossier mascara ( Review Here) I decided to try there Ilia Limitless lash mascara.

I’m going cleaner with my makeup so I thought I would try a clean mascara and I had heard good things about the Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara though the price gave me pause, £26 for 8 grams of product from Naturismo.

Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara Review

I don’t partially like paying too much on my mascaras as you need to get rid of them every 3 months, regardless if you have any product left but I use mascara basically every day and it is going very near my eyeball so I want good ingredients which is why in the end I decided to buy this product.

The packaging is a usual mascara plastic tube in a metallic white gold colour with Ilia branding on the side, so very minimal and sleek. I was a little unsure on the wand, its plastic and dual-sided with one side a long brush which is supposed to lengthen and the other short side to build volume.

Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara Review

Now this Ilia Limitless lash mascara is 25% Organic, 99% Natural, Gluten-free and of course Cruelty-Free but is not Vegan as it contains Beeswax but I was willing to pay more for this mascara because of the cleaner ingredients (full list here)

I am lucky enough to have naturally long black lashes so I have a good base for Mascara but I do want it to be smudge-proof, water-resistant and I like voluminous lashes but not too clumpy.

The first time I applied this Ilia Limitless lash mascara I was a little confused about the brush but got the hang of it quickly.

Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara Review

Just use the smaller brush side first to make more volume and coat each lash I do about 2-3 layers for an every day look then flipping it over and doing one more layer with the long brush side to separate your lashes, I don’t think this mascara is any good for any more layers of mascara so if you like putting 6 layers on this mascara won’t do that very well.

I have used this Mascara for about a month and a half and I do think it lasts all day and keeps your lashes lifted with no smudging throughout the day I haven’t tested it with water like if it’s pouring down with rain yet but I have cried at a film and the mascara was still in place not giving me panda eyes.

Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara Review

I’m not the best at taking my mascara off at night ( I know its bad ) but when I do it comes off alright not really easy but you don’t have to scrub at your eyes either.

The formula is very good and I do think it comes out the perfect black colour and coats easily.

Overall I really like this mascara and I will be repurchasing if you love really dramatic spidery lashes you won’t like this mascara but for everyone else, I would definitely recommend trying this out also I am so happy that this is a Clean Beauty Product and that it actually works well! Do you have any Clean Beauty Mascaras? Please tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading Xxx

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