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I found out recently that Talcum Powder is not a great ingredient to have in your makeup routine.

There seems to be mixed information about Talc as an ingredient in makeup but it has been linked to ovarian cancer and other forms of cancer.

It is also not good for you when inhaled and if you have ever used makeup with Talc ( Apparently most setting powders ) in it you know that it goes everywhere and is easily inhaled.

In the end, I decided to just try and cut talc out of my makeup and the first thing I decided to get rid of first is my setting powder but found it EXTREMELY hard to find a powder without talc and that is why I’m doing a Glossier Wowder review…

Glossier Wowder Review

First of all this 7.2g of Glossier Wowder costs £18 which is a lot more expensive than all the other setting powders I have bought and comes in a circler container, a pick lid with the glossier signature G on the front and a clear bottom, inside it has net that distributes the product so It is very secure and the outside packaging is sturdy so I don’t mind just popping it in my bag and going on my way and knowing it’s unlikely to spill.

Glossier Wowder Review

This product is a loose setting powder which, to be honest, isn’t my favourite as I find it quite messy and I feel like you use more product then you need even with the mesh to help with the product you end up tapping a lot into the air and losing powder.

Glossier Wowder Review

The Glossier Wowder claims to be a finishing powder that cuts shine, blurs the appearance of pores, sets makeup and won’t leave a chalky film it also states that it doesn’t show in flash photos and flattens skin texture.

It is also paraben-free, fragrance-free, vegan, cruelty-free and what I have been looking for and the main reason I bought this product Talc-free.

I bought the Glossier Wowder in the shade G8-G10 which matches my skin tone well, there are five different shades but I do wish they just had a translucent one as I don’t like to add extra colour on my face from powder but I don’t really notice with this product.

I have combination skin and it gets very oily on my forehead, nose and chin. Though I like a natural dewy look I want those areas to stay matt but still natural-looking so I always use the Glossier Wowder on those areas.

Glossier Wowder Review

So when first applied this is a lovely setting powder and mattifies my face without it looking cakey, chalky and still looking like my skin but after about 2 hours you would have to reapply which is very annoying when your on the go but I am used to doing that with most of the other powders I have used before.

Overall this Glossier Wowder is ok and good for people who only have a little shine on there face but not the best thing in the world I love that it doesn’t contain Talc and doesn’t make me look cakey but I wish it kept me matt for longer without having to reapply, i personally don’t think I will be repurchasing this product again as it isn’t worth the £18 for me, if you have any Talc-free setting powder suggestions please leave them in the comments, also I am not a doctor or scientist so please do your own research on Talc and consult your health professional. Thanks for reading Xxx

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