RMS Beauty Foundation Review!

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It’s not a secret that I love the RMS Concealer so when I saw that they were coming out with an RMS Beauty Foundation I had to buy it straight away.

But the price eek! £53 is a lot of money for a 30ml foundation, and I’m so picky about how I like my base makeup it is not a 100% chance I will like it.

So why did I buy this expensive foundation? Mainly because of the clean non-toxic ingredients as I’m trying to go cleaner with my makeup routine and it defeats the purpose if my concealer is clean beauty but not my foundation.

So what is in the RMS Beauty Foundation? It is marketed as a
cream foundation that uses the same skin-loving qualities as the original ‘un’ cover-up concealer to provide buildable coverage with a youthful, dewy finish and why I love it is because its made with a lot of pure ingredients (Full List Here) they are all organic, Free from parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, silicones, synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances. so instead of masking your skin with loads of nasty chemicals, it gets treated more like a skincare prouduct.

The only ingredient that gives me pause is coconut oil which I find it ok for my skin personally but if you have acne-prone skin you may want to stay clear of this foundation as coconut oil can clog your pores and create more problems.

Now when I received this £53 makeup I was very excited then a little concerned, I had already done some research on this RMS Beauty Foundation and they said it was a whipped texture, my foundation was not whipped it was solid but I must admit most of the reviews I read were in America while in England it is very cold so the foundation was quite solid.

The Product comes in a frosted glass pot with simple labelling and a secure white lid I do love that it also comes with a product protector that makes your foundation extra hygienic.

The RMS Beauty Foundation also comes with a metal spatula that helps keep your foundation more hygienic which is a great concept but when I first used the spatula to put the product on my face I found that the formula took a long time to warm up and blend into my skin plus the little amount i scooped up was too much coverage for me personally.

This first impression really made me worry that I had spent £53 on a product that wasn’t for me but after a little play around I found a way to make it work for me.

First of all though I love the idea of the spatula, it personally doesn’t work for me with this foundation so I decided to treat it exactly like I would the RMS Concealer and just swirl my clean fingers into the pot then put it on my face that way, this method works a lot better for me as I could melt the product into my skin quickly and pick how much I want to use that day.

I find just swiping a thin layer on my chin, cheeks, forehead and nose was the perfect amount then blending it with a damp Real Techniques sponge gave me a natural dewy finish that was still buildable on my problem areas like my chin.

So after the first bump in the road the formula of this RMS Foundation is very nice, it is lightweight but has more coverage than the RMS Concealer. I like using small layers all over my face for a beautiful natural base that really does look like your skin but better which is truly what I’m always looking for in my base makeup.

It’s easily buildable and blendable on my problem areas like my chin where I have spots and hyperpigmentation, but it never looks cakey or like you have a lot of makeup on and it is a perfect your skin but better finish.

The colour range of this RMS Beauty Foundation is not bad with 16 different shades which could be better but I think you could make it work, they also have undertones so make sure you check that before you buy your shade, I chose the shade 11 which is Ivory with a slight golden base and works perfectly with my skin tone and gives me a tiny bit of a more sun-kissed glow.

The wear time on this foundation was surprisingly good especially considering it is made with natural ingredients, I think it lasts for a solid 6 hours which is ok but the way it wears throughout the day is very seamless and never looks bad as the foundation looks like skin, it still all looks good until the end of the day which is what I really want.

Because of the high amount of natural oil ingredients, I would not recommend this to people with very oily skin as after an hour or so your face can get a little shiny so I like to use a setting powder on my T zone especially if you have combination skin but otherwise the foundation gives you a natural glow.

Overall I really do love this RMS Beauty Foundation but unless you are serious about clean beauty and can afford a £53 foundation I wouldn’t rush out to buy this product but start off trying the RMS Concealer (Review Here) but if you already know you want to have a more non toxic makeup routine this is a beautiful product that really makes your skin look healthy and glowing with no nasty ingredients and a natural skin finish. Thanks For Reading Xxx

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