Luxury Vegan Bag Tacoma Mini 1 Year Update!

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A year ago I bought the Luxury Vegan Bag Tacoma Mini From Matt And Nat in the colour Orchid and I still use it to this day as an everyday bag but I thought I should do a year ( and a bit) update to see if I think it’s still worth buying.

First of all, unfortunately, the colour Orchid is no longer available and they currently only have the colour black, brown and burgundy which is a shame as I really love the colour of my bag a very natural light purple which is good for the summer and winter and works well with many different outfits and never clashes with other colours.

The colour of this bag a year on still looks good and there is no decolouration except the back as it rubs on my jeans and leaves a slight blue mark but that happens with all my bags so I don’t blame Matt and Nat for that but otherwise the colour is perfect and still looks pristine.

The shape of the bag is also good there is a slight bulge on the sides from where I have filled up the bag but it is not too noticeable and was bound to happen as you use the bag. I do also think this bag is a little tardis and fits everything I need including an umbrella and foldaway bag plus all my essentials so I am very happy it has kept its shape as I have really filled it up to the max.

The hardware is all still perfect and the zip still works perfectly and because it is metal instead of gold or silver it still looks just as good as when I bought it.

Luckily there are no scratches or marks on the bag and the bottom is also in good condition, but I have always taken care of my bags and I do think it really shows in this beautiful Matt and Nat bag.

On the inside the lining which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles has held up well there are some spots where something has spiled but everything is all still looking fine and the dark colour hides any marks well.

Overall I would highly recommend buying a Matt and Nat bag and this Luxury Vegan Bag Tacoma Mini is the perfect everyday bag that is good for the summer and winter seasons and really has lasted the test of time. I do think it’s worth the £110 price tag (now £98) and id love to buy another vegan bag from them! If you want a more in-depth review of this bag please make sure you read my original blog post Here. Thanks for reading Xxx

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