Glossier Boy Brow Review!

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I have VERY thick unruly eyebrows and when I was younger I used to absolutely hate them and tried to pluck them to death! Fortunately my face grew into my brows and it has even become fashionable which is incredible.

My eyebrows are thick and in a weird triangle shape but I now really love how unusual they are and how they frame my face, but I still want them to be a lot neater then they are and everyone knows that you always want your eyebrows groomed a certain way in which your brows never naturally go, that is when I started looking for a good eyebrow gel.

I have tried lots of different brow gels but most of them were too crunchy and uncomfortable the one I quite liked was the NYX one but it still wasn’t perfect, that is when I came across a glossier boy brow review and became very intrigued so I decided to buy it.

The Glossier boy brow costs £14 for 0.11oz Product which really is quite expensive for what you get so I decided it would have to be really good to repurchase, some of the ingredients are Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Oleic Acid, Lecithin and Atelocollagen read full ingredient list HERE. It also claims to be thickening, conditioning, flexible and comes in clear and the shades brown, blond and black.

The packaging is classic Glossier and very functional with simple branding and a small wand applicator.

I chose the one in black as I have dark brows and when I used it for the first time i realised i had made a good purchase, though the wand of the product is small unlike a lot of my other brow gels I feel like you have a lot more control on how much product you use and what shape you make your brows and I rarely put too much on which is easy to do with other gels and it looks very natural and not overdone.

The colour is perfect and works well with my brows and there are no uncomfortable crunchy eyebrows which I hate so much, though it is flexible and you don’t feel it on your brows throughout the day I find this holds the shape of my brows very well and keeps it the way I want all day.

I haven’t noticed any of my eyebrows falling out so I do believe this is conditioning and as I said it feels very comfortable, but would I repurchase such an expensive product for such little formula?

Yes i would this glossier boy brow is well worth the money in my opinion and I am happy to say I have found my forever eyebrow gel, it is so easy and quick to use in the morning plus it is goon enough that I only use that and not any other brow pencil as I feel I don’t need it. This product may be a little splurge but it is well-loved for a reason and I have just ran out after 6 months and will be repurchasing right after I finish this blog post.

I hope you enjoyed my Glossier boy brow review and give it a go. Thanks for reading Xxx

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