Tropic Skincare Pure Lagoon Review!

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I’ve always been self conscious about my skin, it’s not terrible but I am acne-prone and I do everything I can to prevent it my holy grail product was the la Roche posay effaclar duo but when I went cruelty-free i could no longer use it.

After three years I am now trying to use more non-toxic organic skincare and I was still on the lookout for a good blemish serum when I came across the natural brand Tropic and their Pure Lagoon Blemish Fighting Serum.

The Tropic Skincare Pure Lagoon Serum is quite an expensive product at £42 for 30ml, but I liked that it was natural and contains the ingredients Hyaluronic acid, Blue Spirulina, BIOFLAVONOIDS AND PREBIOTICS. It also claims to soothe and balance skin as well as fighting blemishes which is exactly what I am looking for. This product is Cruelty-free, Vegan and certified Natural.

I have been using this product for at least five months so I think I can give a pretty thorough review on how this worked on my skin the serum is a light blue liquid which luckily doesn’t transfer to your face and when you first put it on its not especially moisturising neither drying and you don’t need to use too much product, the serum smells very fresh and isn’t overpowering as I hate that in a product.

When I used it the first time I wasn’t expecting immediate results but when I woke up in the morning I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and calm my skin was and it felt soft to touch as I said I wasn’t expecting immediate results but my skin was noticeable deafferents after just one very impressive use.

After a couple of weeks I notices that the Tropic skincare pure lagoon serum does calm down and prevent blemishes, its not magic and I definitely do still get them but after a day or two of using this they go down a lot quicker and they are much less red and angry looking, which is amazing as I usually have very red spots that don’t go for a long time and leaves hyperpigmentation when they do. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a difference in the old pigmentation ( not that is supposed to do that ) but I do believe it helps the blemish not leave a dark mark on the skin.

This product is also not harsh at all on your skin like a lot of blemish serums out there which I enjoy, and it contains prebiotics which I have never put on my face before so I don’t know if that’s the ingredient that really shines but I think it does agree with my skin.

I only use this product at night as I don’t want to use it up to quickly but I may start using it in the morning when I feel my skin is being preictally problematic. My only complaint of this product is that it doesn’t travel well, I don’t know if it is just a fault with my serum but it comes in a blue glass bottle with a dropper but I find that the dropper lid leaks a little when I take it places which is annoying as I notice if I haven’t used the tropic lagoon serum for a couple of days.

Overall I really do love this product and will be repurchasing when it runs out and I would recommend this to anyone with blemish-prone skin, unfortunately, it is not organic but I do trust the brand and will be getting more from them in the future. Thanks for reading Xxx

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Tropic Skincare

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