JW PEI Fiona Vegan Bag Review!

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I’m a sucker for a good bag and now I don’t buy leather I have been looking for a good luxury vegan bag and the JW PEI Fiona Vegan Bag Fits Perfectly.

I first came across the JW PEI brand on Instagram when looking for a good quality vegan luxury handbag that I could use as a gym bag and fell in love with their overnight bag which is no longer on there website but hopefully will come back as its stunning!

JW PEI Fiona Vegan Bag

It was a lot of money to invest in a brand I hadn’t bought anything from before but the reviews were good, I did really love the bag so I bought it and I was very happy with it and I use it for both a gym and overnight bag whenever I go off for the weekend.


But now onto the bag, I’m actually reviewing, I have been on the lookout for a good summer bag with a nice pop of colour for ages and the JWPei Fiona Vegan Bag was exactly what I was looking for in a summer bag.

JW PEI Fiona Vegan Bag

First of all the JW PEI Fiona Vegan Bag costs £159 but I got it on sale for £48 and it is still available at that price at the time of writing this post. I know that is expensive but I have always loved my designer bags and really missed that when I went cruelty-free so I wanted to find a luxury vegan brand that I liked and was actually worth the money.

It is a good everyday size (see more specific size here) as its big enough to fit my everyday essentials but if you are the type of person who likes to be prepared and take things like an umbrella etc… Then I would get a bigger bag than this but I do think this bag is a good size for day to day life.

JW PEI Fiona Vegan Bag

The style of this vegan bag is very classic and simple with gold hardware and small JW PEI logo in gold on the front, it also comes with an adjustable strap that can also come off to make the bag a clutch. It comes in an area of colours so you can pick the perfect one for you but as I said I wanted a pop of colour so I chose it in red which is honestly beautiful and works with all my outfits.

The JW PEI Fiona Vegan Bag is very secure with a flap that connects to a gold popper that keeps your valuables protected though I can find the magnetic popper a little annoying at times it does work, it has two compartments with also a small one at the front and a zip pocket on the back compartment I can fit my Galaxy s9 Phone, my purse, a foldable bag, earphones and a small pillbox with room to spare so its the perfect size for my needs.

Now onto why I really love this bag so much the quality! the bag is made from Ultra-microfiber Vegan leather on the outside (learn more here) and 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles on the inside but the quality is really in the stitching and the way this bag was made it really is very well done and I have no complaints on the quality of this product and I feel that’s what you pay the premium price for and that was what I was missing when I went cruelty free.

This bag is also waterproof which is good considering I live in the UK but my only complaint is that my jeans have rubbed off on the back of my bag, though this isn’t a problem with JW PEI specifically as it has happed with my Matt & Nat bag and previously with my old leather Radley bag, but I would love it if that didn’t happen so if anyone has a suggestion on how to clean it without destroying my bag please tell me in the comments.

red vegan bag

Overall this is a very stylish Luxury vegan bag and if you miss your old leather bags I would definitely check out JW PEI but more specifically Friday By JW PEI as its there website where they sell their bags for a discounted price every Friday which is where I bought my bags and plan to buy more bags in the future.

I now own three JW PEI bags so if you want a review on the other two please leave a comment below. Thank for reading Xxx

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( Unfortunately, They No Longer Have A Friday By JW PEI Website But They Still Have Good Sales)

JW PEI Fiona Bag

JW PEI Sales 

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