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T2 Matcha Flask Review, Matcha On The Go!

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You have probably guessed by now but I’m completely obsessed with Matcha, plus I’m lazy so when I saw this T2 Tea Matcha Flask I was instantly intrigued as it seems to be the ultimate lazy person product.

So what is a Matcha Flask and why do you need one? Well if you have Matcha daily like me then this is the perfect little product, as it makes it easier to grab and go with your Matcha in the morning.

The T2 Tea Matcha Flask is £28 and holds 330ml of tea it comes in various colours like plain black, splash blue and the one I bought splash pink, there is also a pearl white and Leafy Palms Matcha Flask but they cost £34 as I believe their limited edition. So the price is quite expensive but I feel you get your money’s worth plus you only have to buy this once.

I think this is the only on the go Matcha product on the market and it really works, if you enjoy just straight Matcha and hot water with maybe a splash of milk this T2 Matcha Flask is ridiculously easy…

Simply pour some hot water with a splash of maybe cold milk ( or water if you prefer) then half a teaspoon of Matcha put the lid on tightly then shake for a minute or two, then pour the rest of the hot water until full, shake and your done you can run straight out the door and sip throughout your busy day.

For me, I love a Matcha Latte in the morning as it pretty much keeps me awake (chronic fatigue syndrome problems) and its slightly more complicated to make a matcha latte but still quick how I make mine is…

A small amount of hot water and a dash of cold milk ( i use almond milk) then I put in half a teaspoon of matcha, put the lid on tight then shake so that the whisk does all the work for you.

I then froth some hot milk and fill up the flask add two teaspoons of coconut sugar shake and go, this gives the perfect Matcha Latte.

What makes the T2 Matcha Flask such a good on the go product is that it comes with a built-in whisk that basically does all the work for you and makes sure you don’t get any lumps of Matcha and mixes everything perfectly, plus it keeps my matcha warm for a impressively long time like at least 8 hours which is amazing if you make it at home then drink it on a lunch break or something and because of the built-in whisk you can just shake before you drink and if something has settled it will mix it perfectly again, so it always tastes fresh.

This is also amazing when you travel as you just need to take your matcha and this T2 Matcha Flask and you can make your Matcha Latte anywhere, I took mine on holiday recently and all I did was bring my coconut sugar, buy some plant milk which I then heated on the hob and I made a perfect matcha latte.

As you can tell I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to anyone who loves matcha as I said before its a little pricey but well worth the money plus I don’t think there is anything else like this out there! If you have never tried the T2 Organic Matcha Powder then read my Review Here. Thanks for reading Xxx

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