Glossier Mascara Review! Worth The Hype?

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Now I’m Cruelty fee I cant use my Favourite Maybelline Mascara that I used for years and have tried many other cruelty-free alternatives which have all been very underwhelming, so here is my Glossier Mascara review.

I am lucky enough to have naturally very long thick backlashes, so I don’t need mascara to do too much work but I am very fussy on how I want my lashes to look so I am very picky with my mascaras and which ones make the cut but first off let’s talk about the price.

This glossier mascara costs £14 from there own website which isn’t the cheapest and I’m always finding it hard parting with my money when its for a mascara as you should get a new one every 3-4 months so it won’t last you for long even if there is plenty of product left as its not safe to use on your eyes when it gets old as you can get eye infections and other nasties.

But at the same time, it isn’t a staggering amount of money to part with so the glossier mascara is still affordable for people that spend money on mid-range makeup.

Why I mainly picked up this glossier mascara is that it is cruelty-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free and water-resistant, and claims to be curling, sculpting and lengthening as it enhances the look of your natural lashes instead of clumping which is basically what I want in a mascara as I hate clumps in my lashes.

The packaging is simple with the signature glossier logo and baby pink colour mascara tube, there is nothing practically special but everything is functional, the brush is easy to use with small plastic bristles that coat the lashes well and evenly.

The application is fine at first giving you what it claims but after the second coat, it starts to clump together so this mascara doesn’t layer that well especially after 2 coats which is annoying if want more of a dramatic lash. but it does give it a natural boost and your lashes look defined and lengthened plus it lasts all through the day and does not smudge which is great but nothing is outstanding about the performance of this glosser mascara.

And when it says water-resistant it should say sticks like glue as I have had a really hard time taking it off and there is no way it will just come off with warm water as it claims on the glossier website. You will need a balm or oil to get this glossier mascara off your lashes id would recommend the Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm if you are looking for a good makeup remover.

Now the second thing that is problematic about this product is the smell, I know it says fragrance-free and I really love that is I don’t want any perfume near my eyes, but the smell of this glossier mascara is horrible. It smelt like paint thinner as soon as I opened it and the smell hasn’t gone away, luckily it doesn’t bother me as it’s on my lashes but it a bit off-putting when a product smells that bad.

To sum up this Glossier mascara review I don’t think its a bad mascara but I wont be repurchasing as though i like a natural lash I also like to be able to build it up to if I’m going to somewhere for a special event and I do think its a lot of money for what you get as you could probably get the same effect with a high-street brand mascara, though I absolutely adore glossier, this is a pass from me! What is your favourite cruelty-free mascara please tell me in the comments or DM me on Instagram id love to know. Thanks for reading Xxx

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