Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm Review, Clean Skincare!

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I have been going on a clean skincare journey and what I’m finding most of all is that they are all very expensive! But while I was browsing my local health food store I came across a brand called Lyonsleaf, I decided to pick up there natural skincare solution Set for £17.50 which includes a 30ml Zinc & Calendula Cream, the 30ml Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm, a muslin face cloth and a flannel.

This post is only about the Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm as I think it is the star of the show but first off a little bit about the brand.

Lyonsleaf is Made on a small farm in Somerset using home-grown ingredients. All their products are 100% natural, water-free and are mostly organic which goes perfectly with what I’m trying to transition my skincare to be plus it doesn’t cost the earth.

Now Onto the review of the actual product the beauty balm…

First off this product is multi-purpose as it can be a cleanser, a body or face moisturiser and a primer, that’s a lot for a little jar to do and I must say it does it all really well.

I mainly use this as a part of my oil cleansing routine as it melts away my makeup and leaves my skin very nourished after cleansing, the only problem is you do need to use quite a bit which is annoying and you do need to wash it off thoroughly but its all worth it.

I also like to use this as a night moisturiser but you only need a small amount I have made the mistake of putting too much on before and I was very oily in the morning but if you use the right amount ( a pea size) it is a brilliant night moisturiser and I prefer it to any other products specifically for the night.

I have also used this as a day moisturiser in a pinch, though it was a little too heavy for my oily/combination skin. If you have dry skin this may be perfect for you! I have also put it on dry skin on my body and it has worked well for that too.

The ingredients are very natural like I said the brand is mainly homegrown and water-free which keeps it having a long shelf life it is also free from preservatives, artificial colours and fragrances, it is vegan, 95% organic, cruelty-free and in a recyclable glass jar which is good for the environment.

There is no distinctive smell and colour so if you hate that you will love this product.

All you need to do is use a small (or large if your cleaning) amount and rub it between your fingers until it becomes a light oil then apply to your face and neck! done the perfect all in one product and so simple.

I have repurchased this Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm £14.99 for 60ml and will do so again when I run out, it’s just brilliant for everything especially when you are travelling as it’s so multipurpose. My only complaint is this is a bit unhygienic as you have to keep putting your fingers in the glass jar so if you had a little scoop this would be perfect. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly, organic multipurpose product give this a go. Thank for reading Xxx

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