Ethical Clothing, Organic Basics Review!

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Ive been on the hunt for some ethical clothing and a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be gifted some from the brand Organic Basics, which is an Ethical, Sustainable and Eco-friendly brand that focuses on basic pieces that everyone should have in there wardrobe.

I have been trying to only buy stuff from a Charity/second-hand shop or an ethical clothing brand but unfortunately, they’re usually very expensive so when you invest your money in ethical clothes you also want to make sure that they will last a LONG TIME.

When I was gifted a voucher to buy something from Organic Basics I was so excited, the brand uses organic cotton grown without the use of harmful insecticides and pesticides, helping to prevent soil contamination and other harmful chemical effects, they also use recycled nylon and
Lyocell which is made from eucalyptus trees which grow fast and thick on low-grade land so their fabrics are very eco-friendly.

They also only work with trusted certified factory partners, These factories ensure that their workplace is free of child and forced labour. Their workers are also in a safe working space, paid a living wage and offered employee perks like free lunch and childcare.

So when you buy something from this brand you know you are putting your money into a brand that is sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly and all-around cruelty-free.

I picked up the complete pack bikini for £76 (on sale usually £95) which includes a choice of a black or white Tee and a triangle bra with two bikini briefs which you can choose in black or rose nude.

Let’s start with the Tee that I got in white in the size medium, I’m 10 in the UK and this fits me fine but you could also go for a small if you want it more fitted and if you are under a size ten I would recommend a small.

I’m a very small person and unfortunately, I think this top was made for taller people so it comes down to about my mid-thigh which is kind of annoying. My favourite way to wear this top is tucked into your jeans or shorts to highlight and flatter the waist, it’s also a very bright white (though I haven’t washed it yet) which I love I hate the off-colour white T-Shirts that look dirty even when it’s brand new.

The quality of the fabric and stitching is really good so I do think this will last you a long time which is something I think is important for a £30 T-shirt (if bought on its own) it’s not excessive but still a fair amount of money.

But what makes it worth it is the feel of this Tee, its incredibly soft and very comfortable to wear.

I have worn this T-shirt a lot lately and it goes with everything and it can be worn in different seasons just layer it up with a coat, so you will get a lot of wear out of it, I love this top so much that I plan to buy it in black too.

Next onto the Bikini set which I got in black first the triangle bra in medium which is also made with organic cotton, this bra is surprisingly supportive considering it has no underwire and I mainly wear it indoors as it is pretty comfortable the only problem is that I have a large bust (32 E) and Medium isn’t big enough for me so I can sometimes have a bit of a nip slip but it works ok and I still wear it but just keep that in mind, if I was to buy this again I would definitely go for large or extra-large.

The Bikini briefs which I also bought in black but in the size small (the only size left and I was on a deadline) are in a really nice cut but I wish I got them in medium as there a little tight but still wearable, In the set I got I had two of them, these briefs are nice but nothing out of this world so I would recommend something else instead-but if you are looking for underwear made from organic fabric and are sustainable then this would be good. Two of these bikini briefs cost £30.

Also when I received these items they came in 100% recycled packaging, which is amazing I love that they do that and they were also very pretty in a pale pink colour which I also appreciate

Overall I would recommend giving this brand a go, they are sustainable, ethical and organic which ticks everything I want in my clothing brands, plus the prices aren’t ridiculosuly expensive like a lot of ethical clothing brands. I also have a 10% off code LITTLEOB but it doesn’t last long only to the 17th August so if you are planning to buy something snap it up quick. Thank for reading Xxx

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