Do You Need Reusable Cutlery? Bambuka Review!

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We all know the state of the environment and everyone needs to do as much as they can to stop contributing to the problem, me included! I have started using a reusable water bottle and trying to remember a reusable coffee cup and using metal straws.

But I feel like I should do more so I went down the rabbit hole which is Amazon and looked for reusable products, I already use reusable cotton pads (Review Here) and found Bambuka Bamboo Cutlery which really intrigued me.

It cost £12.97 for an 8 piece Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set which includes chopsticks, fork, knife, spoon a metal straw and a cleaner for that straw. All in all, I think its a very good price it also comes in a pouch which they include as the eighth piece in the set.

First thing I noticed when I received my product is that it is actually very compact and fits really well in my bag without taking up much room and it is in a neutral grey colour.

The pouch is durable and holds the Cutlery very securely so it won’t be falling out in your bag.

The cutlery is a good size made from bamboo, it’s very sturdy and doesn’t feel like you will break in your hand as soon as you use it.

Also, the knife is surprisingly sharp for a bamboo utensil and works well which was the one thing I was very sceptical about.

I also like that as well as a metal straw which I will get lots of use out of, there is a straw cleaner so you can clean it straight away.

So do you need reusable cutlery? I would say yes and would highly recommend this product. It now goes everywhere with me in my bag, so instead of using plastic cutlery which takes 1000 years to decompose, you can use your own and then wash it by hand when you get home, its a very easy way to be more sustainable and zero waste doing your bit for the planet.

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Bambuka Reusable Cutlery

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