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Cruelty Free Logo Meaning, What They Aren’t Telling You!

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When I started down the rabbit hole which is living a cruelty-free life it was amazing to know that there were loges that made sure that the company you were buying from was cruelty-free and kept to that standard.

After 3 years of making that commitment there have been ups and downs, mistakes were made due to my ignorance of Greenwashing but I generally thought I have got on the right track until I realised that not all cruelty-free logos are made equal.

Everyone in Cruelty Free Community by now has heard about the Wet And Wild Disaster where we were told they were cruelty free but in fact they had been selling in China ( see more on Cruelty Free Kitty ) so everyone is now asking “what does cruelty free logo mean?” and ” are cruelty free products actually cruelty free?” Well, this is a complicated question with many factors. It did prompt me to find out what companies need to do to be Cruelty-Free certified and which logos are the ones that really check up on that company.

Let’s start with Peta Beauty Without Bunnies Logo, this logo means that the company and suppliers don’t test on animal or commission any testing on animals, the company does have to pay to use the Peta Cruelty-free logo.

All sounds good, right? the problem is to verify the company they have to answer a questionnaire and sign a statement saying they will not test on an animal, so the big concern with this logo is that it relies on the companies honesty and there isn’t really any farther checks.

This honestly completely shocked me as I thought there would be more of an in-depth investigation to make sure that the company is telling the truth but it basically realise on that companies ethics, though I really appreciate Peta and what they stand for this isn’t a 100% guarantee of the product being Cruelty-Free.

Next is the Not Tested On Animal verified by Choose Cruelty Free ( CCF) based in Australia which is non-profit and independent. The logo means that none of the companies products or ingredients has ever been tested on animals neither has it been tested on animals on the companies behalf and must not contain any ingredients derived specifically from killing an animal.

To get this logo the company has to fill out a questionnaire and Application for Accreditation (Q&A) they also have to sign a legally binding contract and are required to undergo regular re-accreditation to check that they continue to meet the CCF Accreditation standards.

Like the Beauty Without Bunnies Logo, the companies do have to pay to get the CCF rabbit logo, the downside to this is that some companies cannot afford to do that, therefore, they may keep to these standards of being a Cruelty-Free Brand but are unable to be certified.

Now onto my personal favourite the Leaping Bunny Logo, this is the only Internationally recognised certification for Cruelty-Free brands. To get this logo the company and their ingredient suppliers must not conduct or commission animal testing of their products and are required to be audited annually by an independent assessor, or, if it is a smaller company, a “spot-check,” by the CCIC and performed by an accredited auditor to make sure they are keeping with there standards.

Also, companies and their ingredient suppliers have to commit and pledge to keep the Leaping Bunny standards.

Like the two other cruelty free certifications companies have to pay to use this logo which does help keep Leaping Bunny going and able to run its tests on brands but some smaller companies may be unable to invest in the logo, personally this is my favourite cruelty free logo in the UK because they actually check up on the company to make sure they are still cruelty free so if this cruelty free logo is on a product I feel a lot more comfortable buying it.

This is the Vegan Society Logo which means that the product and ingredients do not contain any animal product or by-product and must not involve testing of any kind on animals by the manufacturers or on its behalf and no testing by any third parties.

To get this logo companies provide signed written statements by the manufacturer with documents proving they meet the criteria, unfortunately, this logo accuracy depends on the companies honesty as no testing or monitoring is performed, which like the Peta logo means it relies on the brand’s ethics.


Last but not least the good old “Cruelty-Free” promises on the product which can also be worded like No animal testing, Not tested on animals, We don’t test on animals and Against animal testing. There are no label standards and no organization verifies the use of this and virtually anyone can put it on their products.

But they may still commission animal testing to a third party or ingredient supplier’s may conduct animal testing of their ingredients which means that putting Cruelty Free or anything along those lines doesn’t promise the consumer anything and you are not given any assurances that the product you are buying wasn’t at any point tested on an animal.

I know that is all a lot of information to take in but to just be aware and trying to make the cruelty free option is a very good step in the right direction and these logos can help you with that.

Before doing my own research of finding cruelty free logo meaning, I thought that all cruelty free logos were the same and that you couldn’t even say your product was cruelty free without a certification and an investigation of the brand to make sure they were telling the truth so this was a big eye opener for me but I do appreciate these logos are trying to make it easier for the consumer to find out what product/brand is cruelty free so you can put your money were you believe in to hopefully make other companies see that people want there products cruelty free and will no longer buy stuff that is tested on animal.

Also, I do understand that some smaller companies cannot afford to buy any of these logos but are still committed to keeping there products cruelty free so please make sure you do your own research on that brand before deciding if you will buy it or not.

I have gathered this information from different sources online for my own research and interest, i hope you enjoyed my Cruelty Free Logo Meaning blog post. Thanks for reading Xxx

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