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I am writing this blog post while feeling very emotional, my chronic fatigue syndrome has been particularly bad for the last two weeks, I have been feeling completely exhausted and it has been a fight to keep my eyes open all this makes me feel horrible but what makes me feel worse is that someone close to me just doesn’t understand my illness. I have no idea why? I have had chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia for 9 years now and this person has seen me bedridden but still, they just don’t seem to understand that I’m not like a normal 22-year-old.

Today they called me a “Lazy Cow” and it hurts me deeply, it is not the first time they have said it and they say the same thing multiple times but every time they say something along those lines it still hurts me, I wish I could be normal but I’m not and hearing someone say something like that to you is truly a horrible experience.

But sadly I don’t think I am the only one who has been accused of being “lazy” when I have a genuine illness a lot of people still think “is chronic fatigue syndrome real? Yes, yes it is real and I personally have lived with it for 9 years now so I don’t think its just a case of laziness. It is one of my greatest fears that the people around me think I am lazy, I’m not perfect but calling my illness laziness is very insulting and hurtful, it is a fear I have when I tell people I’m not working or in university. I’m scared they will think I am lazy.

There have also been times when I swear actual health professionals think I am just someone who is lazy and its all in my head, I think that horrifies me even more as if they don’t even believe you who will?

I just want to tell you that you are NOT lazy no matter what anyone else thinks and unfortunately no one else will be able to understand your illness… unless they have it themselves, I am sorry for the uneven tone of this post but as I said I am feeling very emotional and I don’t believe I am the only person who has chronic fatigue syndrome or even fibromyalgia who have had to face this kind of situation please stay strong. Thanks for reading Xxx

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