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I used to love The Body Shop vitamin C moisturiser but after finding out it wasn’t Organic and had questionable ingredients I decided to look for something else and was very surprised when I stumbled upon something in Waitrose of all places.

The Nourish London’s Vitamin C Moisturiser with 91% Organic ingredients, certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free, so basically everything I was looking for in my skincare.

This product costs £19 ( Buy Here ) for 50ml but a little goes a long way so it should last you a long time. The packaging is clear glass, so not the best for travelling but it does come with a pump which I prefer as its more sanitary and your not dipping your fingers in the product.

So straight away I just want to tell you that this is my second bottle of this Nourish London Product so just from that you can guess that I do like this moisturiser but there are ups and downs which I would like to talk about.

So it is supposed to be for normal to dry skin but I don’t think that is true, this is not a deeply hydrating moisturiser so you may need a serum underneath unless you have oily skin then this should be perfect.

I am very impressed with the ingredients of this product as I said it is organic, cruelty free and vegan so you know you aren’t putting any nasties on your skin ( Full Ingredients Here ) though not the most hydrating it doesn’t do to badly and it looks really good under makeup plus it doesn’t feel thick and sticky on the skin.

A little goes a long way with this product so don’t overdo it ( I may have the first try ) so it will last a VERY long time which makes the price tag worthwhile but I don’t think it’s a lot to fork out for such clean ingredients, the only thing that annoys me a little bit about this product is the initial white cast like sun cream but it honestly rubs into your skin in seconds and then looks flawless but I wish It didn’t do that.

But the main reason why I have repurchased this product is the effect it has on my skin, it is a lot more glowing now than when I first bought this product and it gives me a natural glow that you just can’t fake with makeup, I have also found it has slightly lightened my acne scars which is a massive plus.

Overall I will most probably be repurchasing this a third time and I would recommend you giving it a go my only advice is to also use a good serum if you have dry skin, I am also very interested in this brand so you may get a few more reviews on the horizon. Thanks for reading Xxx

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