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How To Drink More Water!

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Drink water, drink water, drink water we hear it all the time and we know the importance of it but do any of us really drink enough water for what our body needs?

I was recently told by my doctor to drink more water to help prevent another blood clot in my lung, I thought wow that’s amazing and so easy but after one week I realised how hard it actually is, I am supposed to have 2 litres + a day but was having more like 800ml-1 litres.

But I also found out about how important water is for our body in general and I know your thinking DUAH but I never really appreciated how amazing water was. Here are a few things that drinking more water will help with…

– Increases Brain Function

Even mild dehydration can hinder brain function making you moody, unable to concentrate and hinders your memory.

– Prevent Headaches

Dehydration can trigger headaches and if you drink more water it should reduce the intensity and how long it lasts.

– Helps With Digestion

Drinking water helps with constipation which is obviously not partially pleasant.

There is also a lot more but this blog post would go on forever so those are the ones I am going to tell you if you’re interested please do your own research.

Now onto the tips on how to drink more water.

– Buy A Beautiful Reusable Water Bottle

I know this sounds cheesy but I swear this works, invest in a beautiful water bottle that you love and you enjoy looking at, will find you use it a lot more. Plus its better for the environment as you are not contributing to the overwhelming plastic problem.

– Buy A Water Filter

To tell you the truth I don’t really like the taste of water and I find it a chore to drink so I tried out lots of different filters and the only one I like was a natural charcoal filter which works with my Black & Blum Water Bottle.

– Track Your Water Intake

If you are extremely forgetful like me you may forget how much you drink a day or believe you have drunk lots of water then realise that was two days ago… id recommend getting a water tracker app or writing it down somewhere, I am much more motivated when I see exactly what I have had to drink and how far I have to go.

– Set A Goal

I found it helpful to set a goal for yourself, start with something small then work yourself up to your main goal mine is drink 3 litres a day.

– Keep Your Bottle Full

As soon as you finish your bottle make sure you immediately fill it back up even if you just don’t fancy it, so you don’t end up not drinking anymore because you can’t be bothered to refill your water bottle.

– Infuse Your Water

If you get bored with the taste of water or just don’t like it try and infuse some mint or fruit into the water to help the taste plus it can have added benefits.

– Keep Your Bottle Nearby

Out of sight out of mind, so make sure you always have your water bottle nearby so when you feel a little thirsty or just bored and procrastinating you can keep taking a sip from your bottle and before you know it you will drink the whole bottle.

– Use A Straw

I don’t know what it is but I always find using a straw makes me drink faster, don’t ask me why it just does. So try and bring a reusable straw with you so don’t waste plastic and keep hydrated.

These are all tips I personally use and I find work for me there are some other tips out there but I found these are the ones that worked for me,as I said at the start of this post I recently had a blood clot and made it my mission to drink more water so I have been REALLY trying to drink more water and I am definitely a LOT better than before but I still don’t always hit my 3 litre goal but with persistence and using these tips I’m sure I will get there! plus I have noticed a difference in my body as I have more energy, my digestion is better and my head feels a lot clearer, How many ml do you think you drink a day I’m curious tell me in the comments below. Thanks for reading Xxx

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