Greenwashing, What Does It Mean?

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This is something that truly frustrates me, you trying to make healthy and considerate decisions about your beauty routine and then find out that the ” NATURAL” product you just bought are full of harmful chemicals, not eco friendly and tested on animals how in the world is that “NATURAL” we all get sucked into the branding and the shady labels and we believe them, I have been enamored by packaging and pretty word but then realise it is nothing of the sort and it’s a massive problem.

So what is Greenwashing? It’s basically when a Business makes misleading claims about how environmentally a friendly product actually is and have no evidence to back it up! How many times have you picked up a product with nature-inspired packaging that says words like natural and plant extracts? from the bottle your going to assume that you’re going to get a really natural plant-based product but a lot of the time you are getting nothing of the sort. Personally, I feel that if your brand isn’t cruelty-free and good for the environment you shouldn’t be able to use those claims of “All Natural”.

So how to not fall into the trap of Greenwashing? Well basically try and look a little closer at the product ignoring the clever branding and flashy words that are supposed to put your mind at ease like “All Natural”this is a very vague concept with no evidence to back it up and its something I see a lot of brands doing. It is easy to fall for it, saying a product is natural doesn’t mean anything there is no one checking on that brand for using that word so they can use “Natural” all they like with no consequences even though it might not be true.

The best way to try and avoid GreenWashing Products is to educate yourself, find out the ingredients that really shouldn’t be in your skincare, haircare, body care, makeup and see if this ” All Natural” product has any of it in there, basically, don’t trust the packaging check the facts yourself. SEE HERE

Now the main weapon at your disposal is… GOOGLE.
I pretty much google everything before buying it, I look on CrueltyFreeKitty and Logical Harmony to see if they are actually cruelty-free and if they are not that is a BIG red flag about if they are eco-friendly or actually anything close to being a Natural product. If I have time I like to read a review on the product and Brand to see what other people have to say and if they are actually what they say they are on the bottle.

So just try to be aware of the problem so next time you pick up a product you are not hypnotized by the packaging into not looking at the fine print and if you make a mistake don’t beat yourself up about it companies spend a lot of money to make there branding and packaging as attractive as possible so its hard sometimes to see through that to get to the facts. Thanks For Reading Xxx

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