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T2 Tea Matcha Powder Review!

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It is no secret that I LOVE Matcha especially Matcha lattes but I have always been looking for the perfect one and I have some very clear requirements. It has to be Organic, Not too expensive and taste good, which in my opinion isn’t a lot to ask for but you will be surprised how hard it is to tick all these boxes, So i was very intrigued when i found this T2 Tea Matcha.

I used the Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea Powder and I really like it but it isn’t organic which is something I feel that if I’m having it every day it should be. If you have never tried matcha before this is a good one to start with as it does taste really good and isn’t that expensive costing only £9.95 for 50g, so if your new give that a go but if you love matcha or want really high quality you should try T2 Matcha.

Now before I start to chat about my review of this product I thought I should say a little bit about Matcha Green Tea Powder itself as I can see many people cliquing onto this blog post and thinking ” Why do I need Matcha Powder?” well I have already done a blog post on that SEE HERE so if you have no clue what I’m talking about please read that post then come back but the short version of it all… Matcha is AMAZING!

It’s really high in antioxidants, increases energy and detoxifies the body so instead of your cup of coffee in the morning try some Matcha Green Tea.

Now onto the actual review of the T2 Matcha, this powder is certified Organic and costs £20 for 30g. I know that sounds like a lot of money but for an organic Matcha powder its not too bad a price, plus they do have sales when the Matcha gets close to its expirer date, I got mine for only £10 which is very good though it did have to be used by 3-4 months. but for me, that’s no problem as I have Matcha every day.

So the price isn’t bad and it’s certified organic which is a big thing for me as I am drinking it every day and I don’t want any pesticides with my latte so id recommend if you are going to drink a lot of Matcha Green Tea to ALWAYS look for organic! but it does raise the price a bit.

Now onto the most important part, does the Matcha Powder actually taste good? I have tried two other certified organic Matcha brand and they tasted awful so I was a little scared of buying this one even though it was half price but at the T2 shop they are very helpful and let you try out the Matcha before you buy it. The lovely server made me a little cup of Matcha Latte and I really liked it so I would recommend trying it before you buy it but honestly, it was the best one I’ve tried.

When I got home and made my first Matcha Latte with this powder I was extremely happy, the vibrant green powder ( the more vibrant the higher the quality) mixed well with my hot water ( try to get the temperature 80 Celsius ) it wasn’t as smooth as some others but wasn’t to hard to use my electric milk frother to properly mix it until there are no lumps. Mixed with hot cashew milk and coconut sugar I had finally found my perfect Matcha Powder!

Overall this T2 Matcha Green Tea Powder is the best I have found and I have tried quite a few but nothing else compared to the price tag, quality and taste so I would recommend asking to try it out at your local T2 shop or just buying a small one to try if you don’t have a shop near you.

I am on my fourth repurchase so it’s safe to say that I truly love this product plus I managed to catch them at a time where they were all half price.

I personal love the original Matcha but if you don’t find that to your liking you can try their cinnamon or turmeric blend which only costs an extra £4, also they have just come out with four other flavours, Mint Chip Matcha, Berry Ripple, Salted Milkshake and soon to be released Jaffa Swirl all retailing at £24 for 30g I haven’t tried any of these blends myself but I’m looking forward to it plus if your not a fan of plain Matcha give this a go as there are so many benefits to drinking Matcha Green Tea. Thanks for reading Xxx

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