Things To Do Before A Flight!

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Everyone always talks about the things they do on a flight but I never hear about what people do a couple of days before one. For me doing things days before your flight is WAY more important then the actual on flight routine and tips, though I still think those are important I feel like if you keep your usual routine right up until the hour of your plane journey what you do after that isn’t going to be as effective.

So here are a few tips that I feel you should try to do a couple of days (2-4) before your flight.

– Boost Your Skincare

By the time you’re in the air and doing your inflight skincare routine your skin is already bone dry and putting on all those fancy creams that you have in samples is only a band-aid, your plane journey skincare should start at least 3 days before. Try to deeply moisturise your face with the best hydrating mask you have but I wouldn’t recommend trying new products as you might have a reaction which you don’t want before your holiday, I also like using jojoba oil and a non-stripping cleanser to make sure that every step in my skincare routine leading up to my journey keeps my skin plump and hydrated. Non-stripping

You should also try a bit of light exfoliation to get rid of dead skin on the face which would get worse on a flight full of recycled air, also don’t forget to moisturise your under eyes and lips as they need some prepping too.

So when you get on the flight your skin already has a built up natural barrier and your inflight routine are just extras to keep your skin as good when you step off the plane.

As a side note if you have acne prone skin I like to do a deep cleansing mask a week or two before to get out any stubborn spots under the skin so I can treat it and so it doesn’t pop up after or on my flight.

– Drink A Lot Of Water!

Everyone tells you to drink a lot of water on a flight but I like to drink as much as I can at least three days before going on a plane to make sure my body is really hydrated plus drinking a lot of water before your journey gets you into a good habit which means your less likely to forget to drink water on the day.

Not only will water hydrate your skin and help your overall wellbeing, I was told that drinking lots of water helps prevent a blood clot (i have had a blood clot before so I was a little worried, but I am not a health professional so please consult your doctor)

And if you don’t want to pay for water on the other side of security bring a reusable water bottle and refill it before boarding your plane its better for the environment and its free.

– Exercise And Stretch

Even if you’re going on a short journey I find it helps to keep your blood pumping a couple of days before you go, you don’t have to do anything strenuous just some light yoga or stretching to keep your body moving the days leading up to your flight.

– Eat Healthier!

I find I always feel sick on a plane and it doesn’t stop when I get to my destination so I like to eat a little more healthy the days leading up to my flight, drinking smoothies and making sure my digestive system is working well. One of the things I love to do is drink Matcha latte’s every day to make sure nothing gets blocked up plus its rich in antioxidants which is a big plus.

Along with doing all this I try not to have any fast food at the airport and just stick to more healthy opinions, you can go crazy on your holiday but the days before a flight and at the airport id highly recommend staying more healthy and choosing foods that you know helps your digestive system, so try to stay away from that tempting and oh so easy McDonalds.

I know all these things seem obvious but I find everyone just does them on the day of a plane journey but not leading up to it which means its unlikely that they will be that effective, is there anything you do days before a flight that really helps your journey please tell me in the comments id love to hear of more tips. Thanks for reading Xxx

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