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Trying To Make My Health A Priority! (It’s Not Easy)

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Now every time I heard ” make your health a priority “I thought the person saying it was ridiculous! Of course, your health is a priority nobody wants to be ill ! and being ill myself for the last 9 years I started to realise that people ( myself included) don’t really think about our health on a daily basis, yes we all go through a health kick but how long does that last. A month?

The only time I found that I truly thought about my lifestyle and how it was affecting my health was a couple of months ago when I was told I had a blood clot in my lung. Of course, I had thought about it before. But I was always in slight denial that how I live really effects me.

Having that blood clot was like someone pouring ice cold water over my head. Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia  sucks big time, but it was never life threating.

I have had a pretty rough year in the health department and I haven’t been moving my body enough so I think this contributed a lot towards the blood clot and it suddenly hit me that I had to make some life changes.

But that’s easier said than done.

Now I just want to point out that I know the reason I couldn’t walk around was due to my illness, but I must admit that this year has really worn me down and I was losing my fight a little bit. So I wasn’t pushing myself as much as I should but after the diagnosis, It really did give me a kick to really take a proper look at my lifestyle.

Straight away I knew that I needed to walk around more even if I was tired, it didn’t have to be a lot but I have to move my body a little and I want to start doing some really soft yoga.

But there were other things about my health I needed to make a priority like my eating habits, I am a pescatarian ( I don’t eat meat, only fish) and I’m very proud of that as before I was always eating process meat and on an ethical standpoint I didn’t like that. I go through healthy stages like anyone but I had definitely noticed I had been slipping on the fruit and veg front, everyone knows that you need to have your 5 a day minimum but I was having more like 2-3. Also, I’m still eating a lot of processed food (I hate cooking) that I know isn’t giving my body the vital nutrients that it needs.

But your health isn’t just physical its mental and I was failing on that too, your mental health is very important and it can really affect you and your ability to heal so I need to try and stress less and maybe give meditation a go.

Now knowing what is wrong and doing something about it is two very different things and I’m just going to hold my hands up and admit that I am struggling, I understand that I can’t go on the way I am and expect to feel better and not get another blood clot but making my health a priority is a LOT harder than it sounds especially when you have an illness.

I have made small changes, I bought a Fitbit 3 so I can see how much I actually do in a day and movement wise I have been doing pretty good, I’m walking around and keeping my body moving but mentally and food wise, I’m failing hard plus I still haven’t gotten round to Yoga or Medication.

I just wanted to make this blog post to mention that saying you are going to make your health a priority and actually doing it are very different things and it is harder than it looks braking patterns and starting new healthy ones but I feel like you need to fail spectacularly to really understand and make serious changes in your life.

But I have overcome the first hurdle with acknowledging I could do better and actually trying to change my lifestyle so if your at that point well done you, you are on the right track. Thanks For Reading Xxx

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