Should You Use An Oil Cleanser?

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Putting oil on your face… the first thing I thought was Eww, why would you do that? But there are actually quite a few benefits to putting some pure natural plant-based oil on your face. So should you use an oil cleanser?

First off let’s talk about the word PURE, you don’t want to put any old oil on your face you have to make sure its very high quality and preferably Organic as you don’t want to put something that is full of artificial fillers on your face.

So I know what your thinking, organic? Great but I still don’t understand why I should put oil on my face? Well here are some reasons you should really reconsider that Organic extra-virgin olive oil in your pantry as something that can really help your beauty routine.

– Removing Makeup And Dirt

Do you find you are always scrubbing at your face trying to get rid of makeup? I definitely did, while understanding that your skin is very delicate and shouldn’t be tugged! But I also know not to go to bed with makeup on, it’s like you can’t win. But Oils are lipophilic meaning they attract things like Sebum and the oily ingredients in makeup making it a lot easier to wipe away the liquid lipstick and waterproof mascara leaving your skin fresh and free of build up.

– Hydrates Your Skin

Most cleansers are very stripping and leave you with a satisfying squeaky clean feeling. But in the long run that is more harmful than helpful, Plant-based oils are full of fatty acids that help plump and hydrate your skin so they give back what they take, unlike other cleansers.

– Balances Oil Production

Iv always thought that if you have oily skin you should avoid oily products at all cost but apparently, it’s the complete opposite. Plant-based oils are brilliant at binding with the excess sebum and other unwanted oil on your face then removing it whilst letting your skin absorb the benefits of the particular oil that you are using. Which helps to regulate your natural oil production, so oily skin Ladies ( and gentlemen) this may be that amazing product you have been looking for to help your skin.

– It Is Anti-Ageing

Oils are great at keeping your skin looking fresh and youthful, this is because plant oils are full of antioxidants which helps reverse the damage of free radicals that can cause premature ageing.

– Non-Toxic And Natural

I love that you can easily find out where your oil has come from and that it is all from the plants without any other fragrances and other toxic ingredients.

– Treats Acne

Depending on which oil you buy, using an oil cleanser can really help your acne due to its ability to remove dirt, bacteria and regulate oil production and if you chose the right one it will not clog your pores.

Now though all plant-based oils do a lot of these things I have told you some are better than others and you need to look for the best one for your skin type and needs as some plant-based oils are more Comedogenic then others. So if you are acne prone you should go for the oils that are 0-2 on that scale like Rosehip oil which is a 1 unlike coconut oil which is a 4 plus you need to think about why you are using it, anti ageing, acne prevention or simply to stay moisturised and remove makeup? And if you try an oil you don’t like, don’t just give up, try out another one there are so many to choose from that you can find the perfect one for all your skincare needs.

I hope this was helpful and I will be doing a blog post on which oils are the best for your skin type and specific needs so keep your eye out for that, but I just wanted to make this little post to educate people that using an oil as a cleanser is actually a very beneficial thing to do. Thanks for reading Xxx

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