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Should You Use Eye Cream At 21?

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It is no surprise to you that I love skincare, I’m a complete skincare junkie but here is a secret… I always forget about my poor eyes. My face always gets the best treatment but my eyes? I just forget about.

And though I knew I should be helping them out, I thought because I’m only 21 I don’t have to worry about that yet.

Well No, did you know you’re under eyes are paper-thin and sensitive, this means that this will be one of the first things that really start to show your age. Also, the skin under your eyes has no oil glans so you don’t have any natural hydration and protection.

Ok so we have straight away established that you do need eye cream and why but you also need to think about what to focus on, Do you have puffy eyes? Under eye circles? These are all things to take into account when looking for an eye cream in your 20s.

For me personally I just wanted the basic hydration as I feel it’s a little early to start to go in deep on the eye cream but I understand that its imperative that I do use some sort of eye cream to prevent signs of ageing. There is no point in being diligent with your skincare and then finding out you are missing a whole area that will in fact show wrinkles first!

As I said I don’t think we need lots of thrills with our eye cream at 21. So all I am looking for is something that is fairly natural ( if possible organic) that can help brighten and hydrate my under eyes that doesn’t break the bank. Unfortunately, I find eye creams quite expensive especially when you are looking for more pure ingredients.

So with that in mind, I’ve actually been trying out my own DIY eye cream but I don’t feel like I can give you the recipe yet as I feel I need to give it more of a trial so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Now onto how you actually apply it as it seems easy but there is a little more to it then you think.

First, don’t just rub your eyes! You must be very gentle so only use your ring finger as it gives the least pressure and only use a small amount of product as a little bit of eye cream goes a long way.

Then lightly dab onto your under eyes and follow your eye socket all the way underneath your eyebrows but don’t put any on the lid just the bone, most people forget about the top of the eye but you are just as at risk for wrinkles there as anywhere else.

And your good! Your eyes should look hydrated, more healthy and bright. I would recommend doing this always at night and sometimes in the morning if you find your eye cream ok under makeup.

So overall id even maybe say you should be using eye cream from the age 15+ but don’t look for anything too thick or fancy and please do n’t spend hundreds of pounds on eye cream just think about the things that you want to change and work on that. I’m curious what age were you when you started using eye cream? Tell me in comments. Thanks for reading Xxx

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