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How Not To Kill Your Indoor Plants!

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Now straight away I just want to say I am in no means an expert on this subject or any sort of gardener but I do have a knack for killing all my plants and I think you can learn from my mistakes!

I really don’t have a green thumb and I have killed many plants in the past ( RIP) and I have almost killed my current ones on a number of occasions, luckily they seem to be doing ok now but I thought I would tell everyone what you shouldn’t do from personal experience so here is How Not To Kill Your Indoor Plants…

– Don’t Throw Away The Little Piece Of Paper Telling You What The Plant Is!

As a rule don’t throw away instructions and important pieces of paper but for some reason I can never remember that and when I got my plants I threw away the little piece of paper telling me their names and if they should be in direct sunlight or not, I really couldn’t believe how similar some plants look so I’m not 100% confident on what my indoor plants actually are?

– Do Your Research!

So when you finally find out what your plant actually is! go online and find out more information, I didn’t do this at the start and it was a big mistake.

– Don’t Over Water!

When I first got my plants I was determined to keep them alive! With this train of thought, I watered them every day. This was a huge mistake as my plants (an Areca Palm, Parlour palm and Aloe Vera ) two of them are watered once a week and the other every three weeks, I was slowly drowning my beautiful plants to death.

– Water Them Slowly!

After I got the timing right, I realized I was also feeding them too much at once. Water needs to slowly filter through instead of drowning in it even if it just once every three weeks!

Also, you can get root rot which is when the roots are submerged in water instead of filtering through this will slowly kill your plant Unless fixed as soon as possible.

– Don’t Burn Your Plants

When you’re reading up that your plant may be perfect for shade or full sunlight it sometimes doesn’t mean full sunlight as I found out after putting two of my plants in the windowsill and having them almost burn to death! So if you have a South facing window please don’t put plants on it they won’t last, not even the Aloe Vera will survive being burnt alive in the windowsill.

– Remind Yourself When To Feed Them!

As I said I mainly over watered my plants but it can also be easy to forget to water them all together, I’d recommend putting a reminder on your phone so you don’t forget.

– Before You, Chuck It Out Try To Revive Your Plant!

Before You completely give up, try to revive your plant from the dead by using a banana peel water concoction, cut a skin of 1 or more bananas into chunks then leave in water to soak for a day or more, then water your plants with the banana infused water. You will be surprised how much this helps kick-start a dying plant.

– If It’s Dead Cut It Off

Sometimes the banana infused water just isn’t enough and then you have to give some of the dead leaves the chop! In general, if a leaf is dead the best thing to do is cut it off as the plant is wasting energy trying to heal that part of itself that just isn’t coming back.

– Rotate Your Plants

After you get your plants settled and healthy once a week ( do it when you water the plants) rotate slowly so each side gets a good dose of sun.

Those are my simple ways  how to not to kill your indoor plants, I know it’s basic but it’s all the mistakes I made at the start so hopefully, this is helpful? I am in love with all my plants and hope to get more in the future. Does anyone know of a good plant that can last on a windowsill with full sunlight that is not a Cactus? Thanks for reading Xxx

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( Disclaimer, I am not a plant expert so please do your own research)

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