Ingredients You Don’t Want In Your Skincare!

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I feel people always talk about what amazing ingredients are in skincare but they never really mention the bad ingredients and I think that is so much more important, I have been trying to educate myself on this subject and I must say its kind of scary how easy it is to find toxic ingredients in your skin, hair and body care products.

Though we have good laws in the UK compared to the US there is still room for improvement.

There is even a study that shows that the skin absorbs up to 60% of the chemicals in products that it comes into contact with directly into the bloodstream.

You may be surprised when you look at your skincare routine how many of your product include these ingredients that are just plain awful.

– Parabens

I’m sure everyone knows that these probably shouldn’t be something your putting on your skin, parabens are a whole array of chemicals (methylparabens, propylparabens, butylparabens, and ethylparabens) that help preserve shelf-life of products, which you can understand a brand using but they can mimic estrogen in the body disrupting our delicate hormonal balance. They’ve been linked to breast cancer, and since they act as a hormone disruptor they can lead to reproductive and fertility issues. So not something you want in your skincare routine.

– Fragrance

This one annoys me so much as the only reason they put it is to make a product smell nice ( in my opinion most of the time it smells worse) but would you care how it smelt if you knew what fragrance did to your skin?

When they say fragrance they don’t have to disclose what makes up that fragrance! the ingredients include lots of chemicals that can cause allergies, hormone disruption and lead to bigger health problems along with reproductive issues and infertility, so is a little sent of rose worth all that risk?

– Synthetic colours

If you see D&C on cosmetics these synthetic colours are from petroleum or coal tar, Synthetic colours are suspected to be a skin irritant so this is another thing to add to the list of no no’s.

– Phthalates

Phthalates increase the flexibility and softness of products but they are also known to be endocrine disruptors and have been linked to increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive birth defects in males and females! It is amazing that these things are regularly in our products especially deodorants, perfumes/colognes, hair sprays and moisturizers.

– SLS and SLES

I really couldn’t believe this but 90% of personal care and cleaning products contain SLS especially forming products. SLS and SLES are known to be skin, lung, and eye irritants so having them in your foaming cleaner is not a good idea when taking off eye makeup! Another big concern with SLS/SLES is its ability to interact and combine with other chemicals to form nitrosamines, a carcinogen. These combinations can lead to a host of other issues like kidney and repertory problems.

– Formaldehyde

This is a preservative used in many products to help prevent bacteria growth which you would think would be a good thing but has been linked to cancers and is known to cause allergic skin reactions plus it may also be harmful to the immune system all things that you DONT WANT in skincare.

These are just some of the Ingredients You Don’t Want In Your Skincare when looking for good skin, hair and body care. I know you’re probably looking at all your skincare in your bathroom cupboard and having a little freak-out, I did the same thing at first but I found myself just slowly fazing out all the unhealthy skincare after you use up each product. id recommend reading up on the subject it is amazing that you could put a product on your face to heal and sooth it without realising you could be doing serious damage to your organs.

I’m so so SORRY that this blog post is so late I have unfortunately had one of my bad days and I hope you can forgive me, I must say I am very annoyed with myself that I missed my deadline but I hope to be better tomorrow. Thanks for reading Xxx

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( Disclaimer! I am not a doctor or skincare exspert please do your own research )

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