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Every year I try to get to Richmond as I absolutely love it there and for some reason, I find it very revitalizing, so I did a cruelty free fashion outfit post last year and I’m doing one this year as well.

Last year I went for flowy and girly this year I went for darker and classy…

First off the blouse which is the focus of this whole look and my baby! I LOVE it, it was such an amazing find at a second-hand shop. My Ralph Lauren 100% cotton white blouse, which has very flattering and elegant frills at the front that I am obsessed with, it also has slightly puffed sleeves and very discreet vertical stripes that flatter your figure. This only cost £10… can everyone take a minute to catch there breath! That is an absolute bargain for a Ralph Lauren blouse and I would really recommend shopping at charity shops or second hand as its more environmentally friendly as you are buying something that otherwise would be chucked away and you can get them for AMAZING prices.

As this is slightly see-through I put a simple white thin strapped top underneath, nothing that was going to draw attention away from the rest of the outfit just enough so I didn’t feel naked. I tucked this and the blouse in so it would accentuate the waist and give me more shape as a belt would look too much with the frills on the blouse. I bought this years ago so I’m not sure the price but it’s from NewLook which still stocks them for £2.99 and is made from 64% polyester and 36% cotton.

Next the shorts, they are simply black as you don’t want anything too out there that could contradict the blouse but I do love the detail of the lace on the bottom which adds even more class and in my opinion a bit more old-fashioned vibe. This was bought in NewLook a year ago for around £12 and is also made out of 100% cotton, I find these shorts very comfortable which is a massive plus.

Now shoes, keeping it super simple with just black flats that keep the outfit more every day instead of too over the top, now these are becoming far too old and I need new ones but to be fair they are a year old and from Primark.

Maybe you’re annoyed that this bag is in all my outfit posts but I have truthfully not gone a day without it! It is my favorite bag as it goes with everything and I’ve loved it this summer and I will probably still be using it this autumn, as I have chatted about this bag so much I won’t go into too much detail to find out more read the full review Here.

Last But not least my glasses these give me complete vintage vibes and I love them! The cat eye is very flattering for your face and it gives you an old Hollywood glam look that I just love. The colour also makes it look more old-fashioned and stylish, id highly recommend getting yourself a pair of glasses like these. Mine is from a little shop in Warwick that is, unfortunately, closing down but I will link similar ones below.

I am in love love LOVE with this cruelty free outfit and I really feel confident in it which I think is very important and that it expresses my personal style and everything I like to portray as I think you should take pride in your appearance as it’s the first thing anyone sees, then rock them with your amazing personality. This cruelty free fashion outfit is sophisticated, classy and yet still fun and unique and I will be wearing it as much as I can and I will definitely be experimenting with outfits that include this blouse! If you could describe your style in three words what would it be? Thanks for reading Xxx

Beach Vs Bike Vibes | Cruelty-Free Fashion

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( I have tried really hard to find a blouse that looks as similar as possible to the one I am wearing but I can only find these that have a similar vibe, Sorry.)





New Look










( Sorry the colour is no longer available)

Matt & Nat

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