Reusable Cotton Rounds Review!

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I’ve been doing more research on sustainability and it has really opened my eyes. I find when you think you are doing really well, suddenly you find a hundred more things that are harmful to the planet that you are still doing, like not using Reusable Cotton Rounds.

Reusable cotton rounds

But I believe that bettering yourself is a process, one I’m still learning as are most other people. things you have been doing for years, you suddenly realise really isn’t good for our environment, I had one of these Oh S**T moments when I was using my Waitrose Pure Micellar Water ( Review Here) feeling all smug that I had found a product that I liked that didn’t contain any nasties, then I realised as I chucked the cotton round in the bin… I had used 3. It hit me that I use a lot of cotton pads and unless they are 100% organic ( mine were not and I bet yours aren’t either) they are not brilliant for the environment.

I also realised that I spend a fair amount of money on cotton pads as I go through them very quickly so I didn’t want to buy Cotton round that were Organic as they are usually more expensive and I will use the same amount.


I decided I would buy reusable cotton pads as they will be Eco-friendly and more cost-effective. So win-win in my opinion.

The Reusable Cotton rounds I decided to try are from Amazon and have very positive review! They are made from bamboo and are About 4 inches/10.5 cm in diameter. You get 6 for £12, its ok I can see you glaring at that price from my Computer screen but do remember it is reusable! So you won’t have to buy them again for a very long time.

Now how did I actually get on with using a readable product? Pretty well.

The reusable cotton pad is fairly big which was wired for me as I was used to the smaller ones but I got used to it fairly quickly. On one side it is very soft and isn’t at all abrasive on your skin so I think it would be fine for even sensitive skin, the other is slightly rougher nothing major but I wouldn’t use that side on my eyes as it may be too harsh.

I find this doesn’t absorb too much product, unlike a throwaway cotton pad which again saves you money on product which is another benefit.

As I said its very soft on the skin so there is no tugging or if you have to rub a little harder to get off waterproof makeup you don’t feel like your rubbing your skin raw.

I found one reusable cotton pad lasted me about two days depending on how much makeup I was wearing that day before it needed to be washed I just folded it in half and used one side one day and the other the next day. ( but I am lazy and I don’t wear heavy makeup so it may only last you a day)

Reusable cotton pads

Now onto its fatal flaw in my ( lazy) opinion actually washing it, if you use natural laundry detergent and your skin isn’t too sensitive just shove them in with your white clothes that need washing and your done but my skin can’t take the harshness ( and I dislike the smell) of laundry detergent so unfortunately, it takes a little more work, I usual once a week fill a bowl with hot water and mix it with some Dr Bronner’s Castile soap then lather the cotton round with some castile soap individually and put them in the hot water for 2-4 hours. Then you just rinse the cotton pads until the water runs clear and hang them to dry.

It’s a little annoying but I have decided to buy some more so I don’t have to do this so often.

I have used this product for about 8 months and they are still in good condition so they are very durable.

Overall I do think these reusable cotton rounds are a great alternative to throw away cotton pads. I do recommend that u get natural laundry detergent if your skin isn’t too sensitive so this all becomes so much easier, id also recommend getting a washing bag so you don’t have to fish out the cotton rounds separately. Out of curiosity how many cotton pads do you use a day? Tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading Xxx

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