Glossier Cloud Paint Review!

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Now I’m not Exactly a blush kind of girl, as I find I either overdo it or it looks the exact same as before I put it on, plus I find it very hard to find something that looks natural but still looks like a blush on the cheeks, until I found out about the Glossier cloud paint whilst I was buying something else on their website.

It was an impromptu purchase as I felt it a little wasteful to just buy one product considering I had to pay for delivery, so I decided to put the Cloud Paint in the colour Beam in my cart.

It cost £15 for 10ml, so not a cheap impromptu purchase but not ridiculously expensive so I didn’t mind too much.

The main claims this product says is that it visually plumps skin up with moisture, hydrates, lightweight for even application and a seamless finish with no streakiness. Also, this product is dermatologist-tested, paraben free, fragrance-free and cruelty-free, all things I love to hear about my products.

Now as always when I received my package I tried it out straight away ( of course) not really reading any of the box saying how I should apply. I used a small amount on my finger then started to blend into my cheeks… it was WAY too much product and when reading up on it on the website it says “it’s hard to accidentally apply too much” and I must say I don’t agree with that statement you only need a teeny TEENY amount of this product as its super pigmented which isn’t a bad thing but saying you can’t apply too much just isn’t true.

So after wiping it off then starting again, I found that I very much enjoyed this product! As I said I am not a blush girl and I always feel like a clown when I wear even the most natural blush so I was pleasantly surprised when I used this I didn’t feel like that at all.

The packaging is simple and looks just like the packaging for oil paints (which they were obviously going for) with the lid and the first part of the packaging is the colour of the shade inside the product , it doesn’t have overpowering branding just the name of the shade, what the product is called and of course the Glossier logo. It’s not hard to get the product out but I find I do have a tendency to get out more than needed.

The texture is very smooth and easily applied and it doesn’t feel sticky or too thick, it also blends pretty well, though you do need to blend it more to get the most natural seamless finish.

( a small sheered out amount )

I’m loving this colour Beam it looks like a very soft peachy pink and can be sheered out to just a hint of colour or built up to a strong colour, I also love that on the website it showcases a lot of different skin tones and they encourage you to mix the different shades together so you can tailor make your blush. My only warning for the colour Beam is that if you have very red skin or red spots/acne it accentuates it on the skin, so if you suffer from that and don’t wear foundation id give this colour a miss but they sell six shades so there is more to chose.

After building the colour up on my hand I realised there is glitter in this product, this is something I had never noticed before so I don’t think its that noticeable when you use this product to get a flush of colour.

For those who are sensitive to smells, this has absolutely no odour at all and is fragrance-free.

The lasting powers is ok, at the end of the day I never have any left on my face but it doesn’t come off patchy or obvious ( though I use hardly any product) but I don’t powder my cheeks as I like a glow so if you need it to stay on longer id recommend using a good setting powder.

( built up product)

Overall I’m very much enjoying this Cloud paint and I plan on buying some more so I can mix my ideal colour! Have you tried the Glossier Cloud Paints please tell me your favourite shade in the comments?

Still with me for my two weeks daily blogging? Thank you so much for your support and there will be another blog post tomorrow at 6 o’clock UK time! As always Thanks for reading Xxx

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Glossier Cloud Paint Beam 


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