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NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 8% Review!

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I’ve mentioned this NIOD Photography Fluid when chatting about the NIOD SPF and I said I loved it and that is still very much true but I thought I should go more into depth into why I love it and why its now a staple in my everyday routine.

It is definitely a little hard to click add to basket for this product as I’m used to buying from The Ordinary which is very cheap but this product is from their sister brand and costs £21 for 30ml so not extortionate but I do wish it was a little cheaper. They have two different types you can buy on their website is the NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 8% or 12 %, The Only different I could initially tell is that the 12% is more a pearlescent colour while the 8% is more sun-kissed.

NIOD Photography Fluid

Now I’m going to be 100% honest and admit this was a spontaneous purchase and I don’t really understand much about this product, I first thought the two were similar but now reading back on the information it seems like the 12% is more for photography than this one, as it says a lot more about how it changes the skin in photos while the 8% lacks that information but on the bottle, it does mention it makes skin appear better specifically in photographs so you can make your own informed decision as I’m a little stumped but I am leaning towards that it does help with photos but the 12% is better ( Read More Information Here )

Still with me… good, what it definitely claims is that it hides red tones and minimises yellow ones and other imperfections which should make your skin look instantly better in life and on camera and this product is Alcohol-free, Vegan, and Cruelty-free.

So when I received this it was with the NIOD Survival 20 which is an SPF ( Full Review Here) if you have read the review you know that I didn’t like that product, so I was a little dubious about the Photography Fluid Capacity 8% but I was very impressed.

The packaging is simple with an apothecary to feel with a more modern twist, it has a dropper that works well with the water consistently of this product.

NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 8%

The colour is perfection, it is VERY natural but still noticeable giving you a sun-kissed look which you can build up or sheer down so it will be good for a lot of skin tones, it also gives you a lit from within glow which I’m always looking for and recommend for everyone, it also does give you a more even appearance and does help with redness but only slightly. All together it gives you a very nice natural glowing base for concealer or foundation that doesn’t look sparkly or artificial If you wear heavy foundation id recommend mixing a little bit with the photography fluid so you don’t lose the glow.

The consistency is like water and you only need a small drop on each section of your face for the full effect and a more bronzed look, I prefer to put it with my SPF to sheer it out and make it a little bit easier to blend, it’s not hard to blend without the SPF or moisturiser but you do have to be careful of your hairline and jaw just to check it’s not notable or patchy but all together it’s very easy and quick to apply. My only concern is that if you have dry skin it might cling to your dry patches, I think you would still be able to use this but definitely with a moisturiser.

NIOD Photography Fluid

I find this lasts all day and I never have to reapply and it is very comfortable to wear, not even feeling it on my skin when applied alone.

So as you can gather I love the look of this in real life but what about the photography part? Well I don’t think there is a massive difference but I was hoping id look magically photogenic and gorgeous for my Instagram photos but that didn’t happen, my skin definitely looks more healthy and my imperfections are a teeny bit less noticeable but nothing that dramatic. So if your looking for that magic potion that will make you look amazing in photos this isn’t it but maybe try the 12% and tell me what you think.

NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 8%

( Without  NIOD Photography Fluid 8% and no makeup)

So overall this has become a staple in my everyday routine, I always mix it in with my SPF to put two steps together in the morning but even if I just wear this and some mascara it makes me look a lot more healthy and put together with a lovely sun-kissed glow, so id highly recommend picking this up from their website or Amazon as its well worth the price in my opinion because it looks so natural not like someone shoved glitter on your face.

( With Photography Fluid 8% mixed with SPF and no makeup)

Have you tried the NIOD photography fluid capacity 12%? Id love to know how you feel about it and if it helps in photos. Thanks for reading Xxx

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