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Let me tell you a secret … I hate water! I know we need water to survive but I really do hate the taste, I find it always tastes like I’m drinking a pool full of chlorine so I have been looking for a good water filter for a long time that makes tap water taste good.

I first tried BRITA water filter jug but I found that It tastes even more of chlorine and the filter has to be replaced every 2 months £28 for 6.

In the end, I just got rid of it and started to look for a more natural alternative that is when I stumbled across the Black And Blum Charcoal Water Bottle.

I bought mine for £19.85 on Amazon you get the bottle and a charcoal filter included so it’s not that expensive.

It is a very eco-friendly bottle, BPA free with a The natural cork and silicone stopper which is held in place with a stainless steel ring, so there is no danger of the 800ml bottle leaking.

I’ve been using this water bottle for about 3 months and I have to say I’m impressed, I cant say it’s a system that works quickly but it does work.

The Charcoal traps toxins as well as reduces the amount of fluoride in the water it’s not any good at removing viruses or bacteria so it won’t be good for anything but safe to drink tap water.

Now as I said its not a quick system as on the website it says it needs 1 hour to be good, 4 to be better and 8 to be great now I know this all sound like it takes way too long to work but trust me after about 1 hour you can taste the difference in the water and it only gets better from there.

I simply fill it up straight away in the morning with cold tap water then do my skincare get ready for the day then its usually been an hour plus so it’s not as annoying as you would think to wait a little while for the charcoal to work.

You need to replace the charcoal every 6 months it’s very eco-friendly after you’ve finished just break it up and use it in your fertiliser, the filter costs £18.99 on Amazon for 3 and their vacuumed siled so they will be fresh until you use it.

It’s easy to clean just pop out the charcoal clean the bottle then pop back in! this system is simple and sustainable so I would highly recommend picking it up on Amazon and start drinking better tasting tap water that has a lot fewer chemicals in it, have you tried charcoal as a water filter? please tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading Xxx

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Replacement Charcoal Water Filters ( Amazon)

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