Matt And Nat Tacoma Mini Vegan Bag Review!

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So to say I’m completely and utterly obsessed with this Tacoma Mini vegan bag is an understatement, I’ve been promising a review for ages but I really wanted to put it through its paces and see if it would stand the test of time.

So after buying this 5 months ago, I can definitely say I’ve given this a good test run, This bag costs £110 so a more luxury product but I do believe you get what you pay for in this vegan bag ( and bags in general) and this one is well worth the money.

First off this bag is 100% vegan, so no animals were harmed making this bag and the inside is made from recycled bottle’s so it’s very eco-friendly which is a massive plus.

Now onto the actual bag, I wanted a decent size for everyday use so the dimensions of this bag is 10.5” x 7.5” x 4” which I feel falls perfectly in the middle of not too big or too small and I can fit in everything I need and have room to spare like my phone ( which is big) Matt and Nat Purse, iPod, sunglasses, foldaway shopping bag, and a little medication box with plenty of room left over. On the inside its just one big compartment with one zipper pocket which is useful for putting in stuff you really don’t want to fall out of your bag (am I, right ladies)

The style of this bag is very classical with the main focal point being the handles, which give it a slightly modern edge. The colour is stunning, a very natural light purple called Orchid but unfortunately it has been discontinued but they still have 6 colours to chose from that will fit lots of different personalities.

The vegan leather looks very real and doesn’t have a scratch on it after 5 months, so it is very durable. And many people have commented on how they thought it was real leather, the only slight problem I have had with the PU leather, is that my denim jeans have rubbed off on my bag and left a blue mark but simply using a little water and soap cleaned it off easily.

The actual shape of the bag is very structured but has been slightly losing its shape around the sides ( my fault from overfilling the bag) as it can be pushed in or out for additional space which is very handy, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it frequently as it will start to lose its original look.

Now I must say I love the hardware on this bag as it’s a metal with a silvery sheen that is very durable and won’t clash with outfits or Jewry, there are the metal zip and zipper that is very smooth and hasn’t let me down yet. Also the metal hops and clasps that has subtle carved branding that connects to the detachable strap that is very useful.

As we are chatting about the detachable strap I am so happy with this feature as you can use this bag for formal events by detaching the strap and using the handle ( it looks very elegant and sophisticated) or using the strap for everyday life as its adjustable with the shortest 18” and longest 23”.

So next lets talk about the branding, there are no big logos on this bag as they are all very discreet and simple, the main one is on the front with the name Matt and Nat in small silver writing and the carved branding on the clasps and strap, also there is a small M and N on the side. I love how they have handled the branding as it looks very luxury but not obnoxious or in your face.

The lining as you know is made from 100% recycled bottles which you would think would look ugly but it is in a simple neutral brown that doesn’t get dirty easily, so don’t worry about the odd little spill inside your bag. They also put on the inside in discreet writing that it is made from pure recycled plastic bottles which I think is a nice touch.

Now last but not least the stitching, it is very impressive and has held up well. There are only a few stitches that I can see if I really study hard at the handles that aren’t perfect but it is pretty good all around and it keeps it up on the inside too which some companies don’t bother with, that shows that they didn’t rush making this bag.

Overall I love love LOVE this vegan bag and it will be a definite staple for a long time to come, my only concern is that this may look more like a summer bag because of the colour but that depends on what colour you prefer as the style of the bag is very versatile with all seasons! Ever tried a Matt and Nat bag or have any good luxury vegan bag suggestions please tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading Xxx

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