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I found that this summer I realised I needed new clothes and that there was one cruelty free fashion outfit I kept reaching for in particular that worked for multiple occasions and just kept drawing me in to wear it.

I found this worked for a family holiday, biking in the country and even a day out on the beach it is so effortless yet stylish I absolutely love it.

First I have got to start with my Gap Striped T-shirt that I got from an outlet store for £8 and I’m obsessed I love how it looks but still simple and effortless. Unfortunately, it is no longer available but I found a similar one in M&S.

Next is the baby pink shorts with a tie belted waist, I bought mine from New Look last summer and their still going strong. I can’t remember the exact amount I paid for these shorts but no more than £12-£15. I love the tie waist as it is very flattering, so I find it better to tuck in the T-Shirt and it does look odd with the T-Shirt out and the tie underneath as it gives you a lump. These Shorts are simple but complement’s many outfits especially with the beautiful pink colour that isn’t too overpowering.

For Shoes I just chose simple classic nude flats that are simple and go with anything. Plus nude coloured shoes make your legs look longer and in my opinion more tanned, I bought mine at New Look last summer for £10-£!5 and I still love wearing them.

Now for the Accessories first bag, I’m still obsessed with my Matt And Nat Bag That goes with everything and looks minimal and classic ( full review coming soon) and who goes to the beach without fun sunglasses? Mine are from Primark that cost £3 but any pink circler sunglasses will do.

This cruelty free fashion outfit is simply French vibes to me and I feel works well for a country bike ride or lazing about on the beach, I love that I can just throw it on and know I look good but not too overdressed but still have a fun stand out outfit. Do you feel this Outfit is more Beach Vibes Or Country Biking? Please tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading Xxx

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