Picnic In The Park| Cruelty-Free outfit!

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I go through stages with my style I’m either keeping it super simple not even really thinking about my outfit or full out Fashionista, there isn’t really any middle ground but what I do really like to do Is reuse cruelty free outfits. It doesn’t matter if its 5+ years old if it still looks good I’m going to keep it and just change it up with different accessories.

The dress is a summer staple of mine it just looks so light and feminine, but you still feel covered and I love the pleating and baby pink colour. I got this dress 2 years ago from New Look made from 100% polyester and it still looks beautiful, this piece can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories but I would always recommend a belt so you don’t lose your waist.

Now accessories make or break a cruelty free outfit so this is where you show off your style or just how you are feeling that day, I was feeling simple and subtle. So I paired this beautiful dress with light brown strapped heeled sandals that are very comfortable from New Look (which is important ladies) And a simple light brown belt with subtle gold hardware also from New Look, the shoes and belt are the same colour so it makes it look a lot more put together and cohesive. I don’t know what both of these items are made out of but its definitely not leather.

While we’re talking about accessories we can’t forget the biggest one ( in my opinion) the bag, your either a bag lady or shoe lady! And though I like my shoes I LOVE my bags and this bag Is absolutely gorgeous. It is from Matt & Nat for £110 in the colour Orchid ( a very light natural purple) Its very Minimal but really does make an outfit look more expensive. This bag is 100% Vegan from a cruelty-free company and I will be doing a full review soon so keep an eye out.

Last but not least, you can’t go anywhere in the summer without some very stylish glasses mine are from Primark costing £3! I know bargain and they look a lot more expensive. What I love about Primark glasses you can really try an array of styles and figure out if you truly love it or if its just a quick trend, These circle mirrored pink ones complement the outfit without drawing much attention away from the dress.

This is the complete cruelty free fashion outfit, unfortunately, most of these pieces are quite old or sold out so I will try and link something similar but please remember that this is just inspiration and to make this outfit with your own twist.

Of course, this entire outfit is cruelty free and if you have any good cruelty free brands please tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading Xxx

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