Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Is It Worth It?

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Its well documented that I am very fussy with my base makeup and I’m always on the lookout for the perfect foundation and concealer, on this quest of mine I have heard many raving reviews for the Tarte Shape Tape concealer.

What first drew me in was that the ingredients are very good, all Tarte products are made without Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Gluten so you don’t have to worry about those, though it is annoying that they use perfume but it’s still pretty good. The best things in this concealer are Shea butter, Mango seed butter and Liquorice root extract, this product is also Vegan and like everything on my blog Cruelty-Free

So when I finally made my first order for Tarte I had to get my hands on the legendary concealer that cost £22 for 10ml( Buy Here )and have 20 shades and I picked Light Sand and luckily it was a good match, as you already know I’m very impatient so as soon as it came through the post I tried it out and … I wasn’t completely impressed.

The packaging is beautiful but the doe foot applicator is HORRIBLE, its massive and puts way too much product on your face. This is really full coverage and I mean really full coverage and because of that, you need a teeny tiny amount which isn’t helped with the humongous applicator that puts on way more than you need.

So I tried it for a bit but found it too full coverage for me and stopped using it, as this all happened months ago! Why am I only bringing it up now, well to be truthful I completely forgot about this product until recently.

And recently iv had very bad red skin, which my usual RMS Un Cover-up concealer can’t quite cover up,(Full Review Here )  so in my desperation, I tried the Shape Tape concealer again and I like it a lot more this time around.

Now sorry Tarte but I still dislike the applicator but after putting it on the back of my hand then dabbing the smallest amount on my inflamed skin, I found it covered up very well and looked pretty natural but you have to use the tiniest amount as at first I used a lot more then I needed because of the applicator.

( No Makeup)

The coverage as iv said a million times is very high and at the start I thought it was just too much for what I need but if you have severe acne this is a godsend, I simply dab a little in with my finger because I find it really warms up the product and helps it blend and it covers the redness very well, I do wish it did look a little bit more natural but its definitely not cakey.

The lasting power is also very impressive, it will last all day even with the boiling heat we’re having in the UK at the moment, so if you don’t want makeup melting off your face this is a very good buy.

Iv said a lot about redness but it is also good under the eyes but I feel you need even less because of the fine lines under your eyes it can become very noticeable quickly but I just dab a little in with my ring finger and I find that my under eye blue veins are well covered.

(With Makeup)

Though iv slightly moaned about the coverage it does make the 10ml bottle go a very far and I don’t see me running out for a long time, which is a plus for the price tag.

Overall I have definitely done a 180 on how I feel about this tarte shape tape concealer at first I was very disappointed now I find myself impressed! I still think if you like very light makeup you won’t like this product but if you have problem skin and can’t cover it up without looking like a cake I would highly recommend buying this product.

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