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Simple Natural Sunburn Remedies!

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I’m sure everyone knows by now but using sun protection is a pretty big deal, but everybody makes mistakes and when you make one involving the sun you will usually start burning rather quickly.

I will always remember my worst burn, I was on a girls holiday and we were all disappointed that it was so cloudy but we went to the beach anyway and had an amazing time but what did I forget to apply, Sunscreen! Well, I applied a little SPF15 but it wasn’t done well! and by the end of the day, I was ROASTED!

I was feeling so sore that I tried every natural sunburn remedie in the book and these were the ones that Truly worked for me.

– Aloe Vera

This had to be the most effective thing that I did, I bought pure Aloe Vera and slathered it on my burned skin every Hour and my skin was instantly soothed. Also, I found this really healed my skin quicker, This is because Aloe Vera contains enzymes that reduce inflammation and increases blood flow to the damaged tissue. It also helps new skin cells form and aids in fighting infection so all round a wonder plant.

– Yoghurt

I’m sure everyone knows this one but yoghurt is very good at soothing your sunburn. It contains Probiotics which will help restore your skins natural barrier, just spread some on the sunburn area and leave on for as long as you can but at least 10 minutes.

– Drink Lots Of Water

This is obvious but doesn’t forget to drink lots of water after a sunburn this will help reduce swelling and keep you hydrated, so whatever the amount you usually drink have double.

– Stay Out Of The Sun

This is again very obvious but once you have burned your skin keep it out of the sun as much as possible as you don’t want to aggravate it further.

– Wear A Higher SPF

You can never stay out of the sun completely, of course, you want to enjoy the weather so make sure you bump up the SPF on the burnt area with factor 50 and keep it covered up as much as possible while still having a good time.

– Have A Green Tea Bath

There isn’t much evidence that says this works but I had a green tea bath almost every night with lukewarm water to help my sunburn, I found it very soothing and it helped the process of healing be even quicker. I know there are a lot of benefits of putting green tea on your skin so I decided it couldn’t hurt just to put 5 + bags in my bath as there are lots of evidence that shows how good green tea is for you including softening the skin.

Those are my natural sunburn remedies obviously I’m missing the most important tip… don’t get burned but that’s easier said then done so I hope some of these remedies help relieve some discomfort, please tell me in the comments if you have a good natural sunburn remedy I haven’t mentioned. Thanks for reading Xxx

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