The Ordinary Mineral UV Filter With Antioxidants Review!

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I always think you should practice what you preach, and recently I haven’t been doing this. My skincare is very important to me, I feel if you have a nice base everything else comes together and as you probably know by now the most important thing you should do for your skin is to wear sunscreen.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been using it as religiously, as usual, this is because I really can’t find a good face sunscreen that I want to wear every day. So I have been on the hunt and was overjoyed that The Ordinary had just released their sun care range that has been highly anticipated, I’m a big fan of DECIEM and what they stand for so I had my fingers crossed that this would be the one.

I bought The Ordinary Mineral UV Filters SPF30 With Antioxidants on their website for £8.90, ( Buy Here ) so not too expensive but definitely, not a cheap product either, but I was very happy to pay for it. This is a broad spectrum SPF product that contains Bio-Active Antioxidants (it neutralises free radicals and minimises the intensity of UV radiation penetration) and Bio-Sugar Complex ( provides both short and long-term hydration and naturally increases skins capacity to hold water) and some other ingredients that help your skin, so after reading more in-depth about this product I was even more excited to try it.

I’ve always had fairly quick deliveries with DECIEM and this one was no different, so as soon as I received it I tried it out straight away and … I was pretty disappointed.

I completely understand that Mineral sunscreen has a white cast but this product made me feel like Casper the friendly ghost! In England, at the moment we are experiencing an amazing heat wave so I am a little bit more olive than usual (not much though, I’m fairly pail) and this product completely washed me out.

( Without SPF)

I also dislike wearing foundation so it isn’t like I could cover up the white cast in my day to day life which is why I bought this sunscreen in the first place.

Other than the very prominent white cast, the formula could do with a little more hydration but I must say it did feel very comfortable on the face and looked lovely under makeup unlike a lot of other sunscreens I have tried.

The Ordinary Mineral UV Filter also didn’t irritate my skin or my acne which is very unusual for me, I usually get a couple extra spots but at the moment my skin is going through a tuff time but it didn’t inflame or cause any more flare-ups.

( With SPF)

Because of this, I didn’t just give up on this product straight away, I tried mixing my NIOD (another DECIEM brand) Photography Fluid Capacity 8% with the Mineral UV Filter and I just turned it grey looking, not a good look! like a slightly tanned ghost.

I did manage to properly give this The Ordinary Mineral UV Filter a test run by putting the photography fluid on top rather than mixing it with the SPF and it did look ok though I was still a little washed out.

Overall this the ordinary mineral UV filter would be good for someone who is very fair or likes to wear heavier foundation every day, if you have a darker skin tone and don’t wear a foundation on top forget about it, this product will not work for you.

The Ordinary does have some more SPF coming out so hopefully, they will be better, if you know of a good Mineral sunscreen please tell me in the comments also be on the lookout for a NIOD Photography Fluid Capacity 8% review but spoiler alert I love it! Thanks for reading Xxx

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