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On The Importance Of Positivity!

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I know it sounds cliché but Importance Of Positivity with people who have mental and physical health issues, I have found in the last year that my positivity has been at an all-time low. Consequently, my health has deteriorated making me even more unhappy.

I find that not being positive when you have an illness is a vicious circle, it is very much a mental battle to pull yourself out of a Blackhole but the good news is once you realise that positivity is a big step towards wellness you have already overcome the first hurdle.

I understand reading this may be annoying I’ve always thought it was so easy to say ” be positive ” but either the people saying it were already positive by nature or didn’t quite grasp how hard it is to be positive in certain situations, I must admit I am not a positive person I always think of the worst possible outcome first so when I got ill it has been hard for me to stay hopeful, but I do truly believe that your mental state does help your physical state as I have noticed once I become in a deep depression my illness intensifies.

Now I must stress that I am not a doctor nor do I have any qualifications that make me an expert on mental health and I do understand that some mental health and physical issues cant be fixed by simply being positive this is all from personal reflection and experiences and steps I have been taking to improve my mental health.

– Truly Understanding The Problem With Positivity

Like I said before understanding that you have a problem and acknowledging you have to change it, is the first step towards a more positive outlook. Everyone around you could say ” you need to be positive” and you can agree with them but you truly have to reflect and come to terms with this yourself before you can start changing your mindset.

– Talking To A Professional

Some things are sometimes impossible to overcome on your own so if you are feeling very low please speak to a doctor, I was diagnosed with depression roughly four years ago and was subscribed tablets which I found kept me more level-headed. I found in the last year I haven’t been taking them regularly, not on purpose, just slowly forgot to take them. I have now started to take them regally and though I don’t think their magic pills and I’m not suddenly dancing around looking for rainbows, I find that I am more level-headed and can think about my positivity in a more consistent way.

Along with this is maybe thinking about going to a therapist? It is something I’ve considered doing so its something to think about.

– Doing Affirmations

Now for a long time, I thought it was a load of crap but when you think constantly ” I’m ill” or “I’m tired” I’m sure it imprints on your psyche so I’ve been trying to say to myself ” I’m full of energy” even if I’m not. I am not 100% sure if this works but it can’t hurt to try, Plus it may be a placebo effect but I find I do feel a little better. simply trying to change your train of thought when you having a bad day can really help your outlook.

– Listing To Music

I like to listen to music when I’m feeling down, just create a playlist with your personal choice of songs that make you happy and it will make a world of difference. When I cant pull myself out of a funk I just listen to my already made playlist and I do feel better. it doesn’t have to be music, it could be a book or colouring just something that pulls you out of your mind and makes you happy.

Those are some small tips on the Importance Of Positivity, I may go into greater details in making a blog post on each subject but I just want to say again that this is all from personal experience and that you should consult your doctor if you are feeling depressed.

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