RMS Un Cover-up Concealer Review!

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I’m such a fussy person! I change my mind constantly but the one thing I never change about my makeup is that it has to look NATURAL! I hate the look of heavy makeup on my skin but I also want good coverage… do you see the dilemma I have here… so im very happy to find the RMS Un Cover-up Concealer.

I have tried lots of difference concealers but I have such a high expectation that nothing has ever really made the cut, the closest I found was the NARS Soft Matte concealer but it was a teeny bit too thick for my liking and NARS are no longer cruelty-free so unfortunately, it’s no longer in the running. Other than that I liked the Glossier Stretch Concealer but the colour I bought was too yellow toned and dark for my skin  full review here

So when I tried out the RMS Un Cover-up Concealer I was getting desperate. Its an expensive concealer at £34 so I was a little hesitant to buy but unlike a lot of the concealers I buy, this one I could actually try out at SpaceNK Buy Here

I tried it on my face and really thought about if I wanted to invest in another product that may not meet my high expectations but I really liked the way it looked on my face so I took the plunge and bought it. After trying it out thoroughly for months I feel like I can give you a proper review.

Strait off the bat if you like high coverage concealers this is NOT for you this is very light and natural, perfect for no-makeup, makeup days but if you like to go full glam this won’t make the cut. Though the coverage is light it is buildable, I use this to conceal my under eyes and blemishes so I do have to layer the product but it’s not as bad as you may think.

My eyes have very visible blue veins underneath that I really hate and I only need to lightly build this concealer to cover them plus it doesn’t look cakey at all! They do also recommend that you use it with your fingers so the product warms up naturally into the skin. I find it gives this particular product a more flawless finish.

For my blemishes, it takes a little more work as mine are usually quite red but it does really show how much you can build up the product without it looking heavy on the skin, it still just looks like skin no matter how much you use which I love.

(no base makeup)

Now under the eyes, I find it does crease so I would use a lightweight powder with an even lighter hand to set this makeup, I found that if you use too much powder with this RMS Un Cover-up concealer it does start to look less natural and more noticeable

This product, unlike the Glossier stretch concealer, is more pink toned which I feel works better with my skin tone and I use the colour 00 it’s disappointing that there are only eight shades of this product and I hope they expand soon so everyone can try it.

Another thing that impressed me about this product is the wear time, the formula is very slick and creamy, something I assumed wouldn’t have the best-lasting power but I was happily surprised, this concealer lasts a lot longer than the Glossier stretch concealer though they have the same feeling formula, at the end of the day I can see more redness on my spots then I would like but the product is still there for 8+ hours and that’s more than I thought was possible for such a natural concealer.

( with makeup)

Talking about natural this whole brand is built on the quality of their organic natural ingredients ( see more here ) and all RMS Beauty products are Gluten, Soy, GMO, NANO and Cruelty-Free so if you’re looking for good clean makeup products this is the brand for you.

The main ingredients in their Uncover- up concealer is Coconut oil, Castor seed oil, Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Jojoba oil and Rosemary so lots of very beneficial ingredients for the skin.

Now I must say that I do love the packaging on this product, the branding is sleek yet playfully but doesn’t try too hard, it has a thick glass base that makes it look and feel more luxurious and I do love that the concealer is in a pot form.

Overall I do really like this RMS Un Cover-up Concealer is it 100% what I’m looking for? No, I feel like I could use a little more coverage but as I said a million times in this blog post this concealer, and brand in general, is all about NATURAL beauty so if you like full coverage this isn’t the product for you, if you just want to lightly cover up problem areas this is perfect. Would I repurchase? Yes I think I would this is very close to perfection but it’s not completely There for me so I will still be trying other products plus I have slightly fallen in love with the brand and their values so I will be saving up and buying more products! is it worth the money? debatable, if you are looking for the highest quality Ingredients and a fresh-faced look, yes I think its worth the price tag but the Glossier Stretch concealer is similar at only £15. I’m thinking about doing a comparison blog post so keep your eye out for that. Thanks for reading Xxx

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