NIOD Survival 20 Review!

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I have been searching high and low for a good SPF that won’t break me out in spots, works well under makeup and doesn’t feel Hervey or sticky, then I came across the Niod ( sister brand of the ordinary) Survival range that had SPF 10,20,30 and i chose the NIOD Survival 20.

I was over the moon! Finally an SPF with good reviews and added benefits like protection against environmental and lifestyle damage.

It cost £24 for 30ml and you can purchase it from the Niod website.

The ingredients looked very good and it explains the product thoroughly on their website so I’d recommend giving it a read, some of the ingredients are Purified Lutein, ( helps fight blue light) Dimethylmethoxy Chromanol, ( helps with pollution)
Pycnogenol, (reverses the appearance of photodamage)
Prebiotic Complex of Gluco, (supports friendly skin microorganisms without stimulating harmful ones) and many other ingredients that look amazing.

I really trust this brand as their Vegan cruelty-free and I like the founder so I was so excited when this came through the post.

That was until I swatched it on the back of my hand, the texture was smooth and perfect but the colour was Terrible! As I rubbed it into my skin it became very yellow as you can see in my photo that’s when I re-read the information on their website more carefully to find out why it had such a strong pigment.

I knew there was going to be a slight tint as It said it when I read the information the first time but this wasn’t a slight tint it was very strong and in no way blended into my natural skin tone, it also said that it was designed for medium to dark skin tones but it doesn’t mention the colour of the product or that its specifically for that skin tone and no others.

It seems to be that the higher the SPF the lighter the pigment but it doesn’t make that very clear on the website also thinking back the reviews I saw were women with lighter skin tones using SPF 30 so there must be a dramatic difference in the pigment of each SPF.

The trouble is I live in England and the sun rarely peeks its head out from the clouds so I don’t really need an SPF 30, also if you have a darker skin tone and use an acid on your face or just want a higher SPF you wouldn’t be able to because the higher the SPF the lighter the pigment.

I’m going to send the NIOD Survival 20 back and get the Survival 30 which is for lighter skin tones ( though it says its for all skin tones which I don’t think will work ) I do think they should make it more clear that the range is based on skin tone, not on preference and that it has a strong pigment, I will do a full review of the product again and say if it ticks all my boxes, when I swatched  it on the back of my hand the formulation seemed promising so I cant wait to get the right one for my skin tone and give it a proper test drive. Thanks for reading Xxx

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