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You Know Your Body Better Than Anyone!

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Through the eight years, I have been ill I have been told that I’m fine its all in my mind and to stop stressing, there was something wrong with me and I knew it but for a long time, people made me think that I was making it up or over exaggerating but you know your body better then anyone.

You would think after that experience I would be a bit more confident and self-aware but I still get the impression from people that they don’t believe I’m that bad and that really messes with my head.

A couple of weeks ago I felt really bad, in a way that wasn’t usual for my illness but for an hour or so I didn’t go to the hospital because I had those people who told me that I was just making it up rolling around in my head so I didn’t go in until I got a lot worse and when I did I found out that I did have something wrong with me and I wasn’t being a Hypochondriac.

I knew for a while that something wasn’t quite right but because of the negative reaction I get I just tried to get on with it but only you live in your body and know when something is wrong.

So trust yourself forget the crap that people fill your head with and focus on how your body feels and if it’s not right going to the doctors or hospital if its serious and you feel that bad, don’t doughty yourself you know when something’s wrong.

I know this is a short blog post but this really made me think about the mindset that people put you in when they keep saying that your fine when you know your not, it makes you doubt yourself when you are the only one who truly knows. Thanks for reading Xxx

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